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A Hilarious Pool Boy Skit You Have To Watch

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Stevie Emersons Pool Boy skit is absolutely hilarious especially for us pool pros with in-field experience.

"The Pool Boy" skit on Stevie Emersons YouTube channel is absolutely hilarious. The first time I watched it, I died. It's a clever and funny take on the common pool boy stereotype that I can definitely relate to.

I know back when I was servicing pools, I was certainly asked on more than one occasion if I've ever encountered a situation like this and as fun as it is to talk about, in reality nothing of the sort ever happened in all my 25 years as a pool pro. I will say though that I have had a couple encounters that left me a little uncomfortable and a couple stories worth sharing but that's for another post :)

Watch and laugh as Dylan can't go about his work without being sexually harassed by MILFs. A problem, I'm sure most pool guys would consider no problem at all.

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