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A Poolside Experience At An Award Winning Safari Retreat

The Mhondoro Safari Lodge won Best Safari Retreat in 2017 and 2018 and has a spectacular swimming pool experience to prove it.

Mhondoro Safari Lodge & Villa

If you want an award winning Safari and poolside experience, you should check out the Mhondoro Safari Lodge. It won the Haute Grandeur Award for Best Safari Retreat in 2017 and 2018 and the swimming pool is undoubtedly a factor. It also won the World Luxury Hotel Awards in 2017 and has Trip Advisors Awards of Excellence from 2016 to 2019 with 5 star ratings across the board. It's arguably one of the best overall Safari and poolside experiences you can get.

It's located on the Welgevonden Game Reserve; a 35,000 hectare stretch of beautiful scenery amid river ravines and mountains in the Waterberg district of the Limpopo province of South Africa. The Reserve is home to over fifty animal species, including Africa’s world-famous Big 5: the African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard and rhinoceros.

Mhondoro Safari Lodge & Villa

And while there are numerous Safari pools around, the Mhondoro Safari Lodge pool seems to have a little bit of everything. They have an amazing open view of the planes beyond, diversified animal visitors because they're located next to a watering hole and they have one of the better poolside elephant experiences.

Daniel Bosman - @Mhondorosafarilodgeandvilla

The pool at Mhondoro isn't as high as some other safari pools so the "ellies" can pretty much stick their entire heads over the pool wall to drink and play with the water. Other pools like the Four Seasons Serengeti in Tanzania although they have a killer vantage point, don't allow the elephants to come into the pool like this. But at Mhondoro the ellies can come farther into the pool with their heads and trunks which makes for a much better safari poolside experience. Plus, from this perspective you can better appreciate the size and beauty of these creatures.


Another awesome thing about this poolside experience is that it's located next to a watering hole. So other animals like boars and zebras make their way out to drink and graze right next to the pool. Sometimes, even the Big 5 can be spotted at the waterhole right in front of the swimming pool. This gives you a much better opportunity to see wildlife.


The Mhondoro swimming pool also has an incredible view. Most other safari pools with this kind of poolside experience are surrounded by nearby bush making it hard to appreciate the view aside from the wildlife. In this case, you can see the vast landscape and gaze at its beauty.

It's no wonder this place holds multiple awards. It's definitely at the top of my Safari Pools list and it's actually so popular it made it onto an Insider video. Check it out:

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