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A Private Poolside Wildlife Experience

The Inverdoorn Game Reserve in South Africa Has a tented camp area with a private pool that's perfect for a more personal wildlife experience.

Photo: Robin Klatt

If you're an animal lover searching for a quiet place to have a more personal and genuine wildlife experience but you're still fancy and want to enjoy a 5 star luxury stay and swimming pool, look no further. The Inverdoorn Game Reserve in South Africa has all big 5 game animals and an exclusive tented "glamping" area that comes complete with a pool and visits from the elephants.

The Reserve is located on over 24,000 acres in South Africa only 2.5 hours from Cape Town and has free roaming wildlife like Elephants, Lions, Rhinos, Buffalo, Leopards, Giraffes and more. They've also got a swimming pool so you can cool off, catch some rays and enjoy the beautiful landscape o the Klein Karoo.

Inverdoorn Game Reserve

And while this landscape is nothing short of amazing and the Reserve offers awesome safaris and animal sightings, this isn't where the magic happens for me. The Kuganha Tented Camp is the real hidden jewel of this place. It's located in the heart of the Reserve and gives you the chance to experience a genuine African styled tented safari while still offering you a luxury stay and a poolside experience you won't forget.

The pool itself in the Camp isn't anything to rave about really but it's the poolside experience that we're after. Sure, safaris and free roaming animals are amazing but mix that with a private poolside experience and you've got a post on Pool Insider. The pool more closely resembles a large spa or "splash pool" even but it's prime real estate for poolside elephant encounters. The Elephants will come splash with you by the swimming pool, blow bubbles in the water and cool themselves off with a nice shower. It's easily one of the most amazing experiences in the world.

Check out @melissabrownza and her new friend. She even said in this post that the Kuganha Tented Camp has truly been one of the best experiences of her life. That's saying a lot but it's not hard to see why. Sharing a swimming pool with an animal as elegant and intelligent as an Elephant might be the coolest thing you ever do.

Check out @lolitacapeder hanging out poolside while another elephant sticks his trunk in the pool for a drink. There are few things more surreal than this and getting to be a part of it is worth the trip.

And while there are many other Safari Pools like the Mhondoro Safari Lodge, the Phinda Homestead, the Four Seasons Serengeti, and the Kichwa Tembo, that offer a much larger pool and more poolside wildlife versatility, Inverdoorns Tented Camp area is a more personal and private experience.

In fact, the Kuganha Tented Camp prides themselves on making personalized safari tented camp experiences. It's a perfect spot for exclusive and private tailor made safari experiences and relaxing around the pool. So if 66 square meter luxury tents surrounded by incredible landscapes and wildlife with a side of swimming pool sounds like something you're into, you need to add this place to your travel list.

If you want to know what a stay here might be like, check out this post: Two Nights At Kuganha Tented Camp and the video below by Stephanie Vermillion Studio.

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