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Artist Transforms Bus Into Swimming Pool

French Artist Benedetto Bufalino turned a bus on its side and converted it into a public pool

As featured on Design Boom, a French artist Benedetto Bufalino converted an old bus into a fully functioning swimming pool. He's an artist that plays with the perception of everyday objects by altering their original function. In this case, turning a bus into a pool. It's known as "le bus piscine" or "the bus pool" and can accommodate up to ten swimmers at a time.

Benedetto teamed up with Euralens, a local development agency in charge of the metropolitan area of Artois. It forms part of "operation odyssey," a local program that aims to share with inhabitants and visitors the transformations of the mining basin.

Benedetto Bufalino - Design Boom

The artwork repurposes an old Tadao bus model from the transportation network in the area of Artois in Northern France. To transform the bus into a swimming pool, Benedetto had to remove the now upward-facing side, gut the interior and retrofit the body to hold water. No easy task.

Studio Benedetto

Studio Benedetto

The pool is 7.5 feet wide by 29.5 feet long. It's also 5 feet deep and incorporates a staircase and some lifeguards; Safety first.

Benedetto Bufalino - Design Boom

Benedetto Bufalino - Design Boom

Benedetto Bufalino - Design Boom

Benedetto Bufalino - Design Boom

But this isn't the first time Bufalino has turned an old vehicle into a pool before. In 2018, he similarly transformed a caravan into a mobile swimming pool:

Benedetto Bufalino

He also turned this seat ibiza into a mini pool:

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