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Baseball Star Alex Rodriguez' Pool Was Featured On The Cover Of Architectural Digest & Forbes Life

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

A-Rods new swimming pool is so unique it made the cover of two prestigious magazines: Architectural Digest and Forbes Life Magazine.


One of the biggest names in baseball, Alexander Rodriguez just built a new house in

Coral Gables, FL. with one of the sleekest swimming pool designs you've ever seen. It's so modern in fact, that it was the center piece on the cover of Architectural Digest and Forbes Life Magazine; and these publications don't just throw up any ol' swimming pool.

Granted, I'm sure it had a lot to do with the fact that the pool also happens to be A-Rods swimming pool but it's still an architecturally inspired pool design deservedly of any cover. Naturally, the house was also covered by plenty of other online publications like GQ, Forbes, ESPN, CBS Sports, ABC News, Town and Country and of course, Luxury Pools.

The Architecture firm behind the overall design is Miamis own, Choeff Levy Fischman Architects. They're known for their Tropical Modern style and design a lot of killer homes in Miami for big name clients like Rap Star Lil Wayne, Giovani Bernard of the Cincinnati Bengals and former Formula 1 racer Edmund “Eddie” Irvine. I'm also a big fan of their work and have the pleasure of working with the CLF team on a lot of their projects.

This particular design is actually what's known as a Perimeter Overflow Grass Edge; one of the most organic and modern design details in the pool industry to date. It brings the grass right up to the waters edge for a seamless transition between deck and pool. It also has a soft, smooth and natural aesthetic almost like a modern day man-made lake.

CLF Architects

The design is pretty cool and actually one of my favorites. It's a super clean aesthetic that removes any visual barriers of a pool wall like a coping. And without a coping, the lawn transitions straight into the pool water—an effect made possible using synthetic grass to avoid die out and maintenance complications. It's also extremely unique because it challenges what most would picture as a traditional pool area and deck considering, well... that there is no deck. Rather, the grass more closely resembles a courtyard that you might see at a big estate in Hollywood Hills with green everywhere.

CLF Architects

It's also unique in that the pool, courtyard, and interior house floor are all on the same elevation. This allowed CLF to bleed the architecture of the home into the landscape and pool resulting in a seamless transition between the three areas. They also went with a light gray Pebble Sheen interior pool finish which is one of the nicer quality exposed aggregate finishes you can have. The gray interior pool surface matches the materials on rest of the home and creates a perfect deep blue and turquoise water color similar to fresh water lakes. It's the ideal combination of a natural looking water color that matches the natural courtyard and grass aesthetic along with the gray color that speaks to the similar color materials used in the home.

CLF Architects

There's also a spa and outdoor cabana that's apparently the most used space on the property. It's the place everyone seems to gravitate to.

CLF Architects

The entire thing is really a work of art but as simplistic as this design may appear on the surface, it's actually one of the most complex edge conditions you can design and build on a pool today. The Grass Edge is a spin off what we refer to in the industry as a Lautner Knife Edge. They are essentially the same thing with the exception of utilizing grass on one and stone or wood decking on another. They both utilize the same edge condition that is the "Knife Edge" that removes the visual wall or coping thickness seen on traditional style pools and even vanishing edge or underwater coping pools.

It's a detail that was originally conceptualized by Los Angeles Architect, John Edward Lautner who apprenticed under Frank Lloyd Wright in the mid 1930's and first introduced at the Goldstein-Sheats residence in Beverly Hills. Since then it's been developed into one of todays cutting edge swimming pool details.

But like any good design, from there it eventually took on different forms ultimately evolving into the Perimeter Overflow Grass Edge. The original inspiration for the newly proposed Grass Edge actually came from Rene Gonzalez Architects who, at the time in 2008, were designing what's now the most expensive piece of residential property in Miami. They brought on International swimming pool design firm, Aquatic Consultants, Inc. to develop the design of the pool with the inspiration of "water meets dirt." So ACI took this concept and ran with it, developing what's now known as a Perimeter Overflow Grass Edge. And like the Lautner Edge, the Grass Edge is a water in transit vessel and actually overflows on all sides. So there's an additional level of complexity that goes into this type of vessel that moves water over the entire edge of the pool. You may not be able to tell from the photos but it's what conceals the minimal point that is the "knife" around the entire pool before you see grass and also what allows the water level to come up to the same level as the grass.

So although A-Rods pool is probably the most popular pool consisting of the Grass Edge detail, it's not the first; or 10th. It just happens to receives more attention considering the stature of the home and homeowner. And even as popular as the grass edge is, it's still a fairly rare occurrence for most people to see given the cost and complexity involved in building a vessel like this. Which might also be why it made the cover of such magazine like AD and Forbes Life.

Architectural Digest 2016

Between A-Rod, the highly aesthetic pool and spa with grass edge detail, and the CLF Architects-designed home, I'm not surprised it made the cover. AD is the international authority on Design and Architecture. They provide exclusive access to the world’s most beautiful homes and the fascinating people who live in them. And this house pool and person definitely fit the bill. I personally might have gone with a better photo than AD but that's just me. It does however capture the essence of the swimming pool design which is probably something most hadn't seen before. The technical design and build that goes into a pool like this is definitely something worth talking about.


A-Rods house and pool also made the cover of Forbes Life Magazine and I think they definitely took the better photo. Forbes Life is written for those who "play as hard as they work." It's an inside look at the best that life has to offer from travel, arts & entertainment to automobiles and more. And if you can afford a pool like this, you're definitely working and playing hard. This type of pool is not just for anyone. We have plenty of millionaires building multi million dollar estates that remove this exact detail once they start to get quotes back from the contractor. It's a statement to say the least and why this detail is so highly sought after and impressive.

The challenge of creating a swimming pool of this magnitude is what makes it so beautiful. It requires a certain type of design and build team with a certain level of expertise to pull something like this off. It also requires someone willing to dish out the extra dough for something this unique. Check the pool out at night:

CLF Architects

CLF Architects

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