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Lil Waynes $17 Million Home Comes Complete With An Award Winning Swimming Pool

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Weezy dropped $16.75 million dollars on his new home in Miami Beach that has an award winning swimming pool design.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm definitely a Weezy fan. I'm also kind of a swimming pool junkie so when I found out Wayne purchased this home in Miami Beach with an award winning swimming pool, I had to put it up. The house is located on Allison Road in Miami beach and has basically everything you'd expect from a $17 million dollar home like 7 bedrooms, 10 baths, an atrium, elevator, three car garage, movie theater, 22' high ceilings and even has some sexy suede walls. So it's no surprise that it was also featured on publications like Forbes, Architectural Digest and the Wall Street Journal. It's also Lil Wayne we're talking about.

The award winning artist actually purchased this home designed by award winning Architectural firm, Choeff Levy Fischman Architects. So naturally, the pool too won an award. And actually, Weezys previous house on La Gorce Circle that he previously sold for $10 million was also designed by CLF Architects so it seems he has a taste for their Tropical Modern style.

The pool itself also has some pretty modern design features that speak to the overall design of the house. For instance, the Miami Beach property has 110 feet of waterfront that's complimented by the 44 foot vanishing edge. This design feature opens the pool up to the waterfront beyond and allows you to fully appreciate the view without any visual interruptions.

CLF Architects

It's also why the house has cantilevered rooftops like the outdoor BBQ area in the above photo. Additionally, the pool has "floating" pavers that lead to the outdoor kitchen to further give the feeling of walking on water which is a common theme throughout the house and even carried to the front door.

CLF Architects

Also, one of the coolest features about the design of this pool that you can't see in the photos is that the water continues around the side of the house so when you're standing on the deck, you feel entirely surrounded by water as if the house was floating in it.

The main entrance of the house also has a moat-like water feature with "floating" pavers that you have to cross in order to reach the front door. It's a pretty cool feeling when you're surrounded by water walking to and from your house. And since the front and back entrances to the home, both have water surrounding them, you truly feel as if you're in your own oasis on the water.

The Waterfront Team

CLF Architects

Weezys swimming pool also won a 2019 FSPA Design Award which isn't something they just hand out either. It's an annual event that pool designers and builders from all over the nation submit to try and gain recognition in the industry. The submission process is pretty painstaking and the pools are actually reviewed and judged on multiple criteria like workmanship, soundness of design, beauty, practicality and safety. There's a lot more that goes into the design and construction of a pool than just how it looks.

Waynes pool won a Bronze which is still a pretty cool accomplishment.

CLF Architects

CLF Architects

Developer: Laurent Harrari

Architect: CLF Architects

GC: Mackle Builders

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