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Luxury Pool Fittings

Australia based company, Flolux offers quality made stainless steel luxury pool fittings for high end swimming pools as an alternative to traditional PVC fittings

Flolux 316L Marine Grade Stainless Steel Pool Fittings

Most swimming pools don't require the consideration for quality pool fittings. In the scheme of things, "white goods" are relatively insignificant and go unnoticed by homeowners. So most pools get away with the standard PVC fittings chosen in one of eight color options to match the interior color of the pool. But modern day luxury swimming pools with a serious sense of style, like the ones we design at Smart Aquatics, take into consideration every minute detail from flush mount pool fittings to the grout color between tiles. So luxury swimming pools can demand luxury swimming pool fittings like Flolux Stainless Steel Pool Fittings that are made from 316L marine grade stainless steel for extreme durability and have a polished finish to enhance the overall aesthetic of the pool.

Flolux Stainless Steel Pool Fittings

Flolux S.S. Pool Fittings

Flolux stainless steel pool fittings are the beautiful and durable alternative to traditional PVC fittings that luxury pools deserve. They're manufactured from 316L marine grade stainless steel so they're corrosion resistant and they have a simple "snap in" design so they don't require any bonding. They're also NSF tested and approved for underwater application without electrical bonding.

Colormatch Pebble Top Pool Fittings

Colormatch Pebble Top Drain Cover (VGB Approved)

If you want to better conceal your pool fittings without the flashiness of a Flolux fitting, Colormatch has an entire product line of patented "pebble top" pool fittings including drains, returns, and umbrella mounts, that accept the same pool finish material on their top sides - which does a great job of acting like camouflage .

Why you should trust us

I've been around pools long enough to remember when the term "pebble top" or "luxury" pool fittings didn't exist. I've installed, broken and replaced countless pool fittings over the course of my life with my family business, Pool Rangers, Inc. I also design and specify countless pool fittings on my projects with my design / consulting firm, Smart Aquatics. I've been to both the regional and international pool and spa shows and I'm subscribed to all the major swimming pool publications from the U.S. and abroad. I also maintain an active presence on social media and stay up to date with the relevant industry podcasts.

Who this is for

Luxury pool fittings are for luxury swimming pools - it's as simple as that. If you don't have a high end pool that requires the extra attention to detail, it doesn't make sense to spend the additional money on a polished steel fitting. Pools are expensive enough to begin with, so spending hundreds of dollars on shiny new fittings that you don't need, is a waste of money. Flolux fittings are about six times more expensive than traditional pool fittings depending on the fitting. For example a standard wall fitting for your pool will usually cost you just under $10. A Flolux wall return is around $60.

Flolux fittings are also "flashy" and might look out of place in the improper setting. In other words, you wouldn't put Giovanna 3-piece wheels on your Toyota corolla. - it just doesn't make sense. Stainless steel pool fittings are for the uber modern swimming pools that want to make a statement. In my opinion they look best in all-tile swimming pools and against pool environments that have additional stainless steel fixtures like an S.R. Smith or AQA handrail or ladder, a Splinterworks Slide, or a Tuuci Umbrella.

Why I like Flolux

FloAir 316L stainless steel air diffuser.

Flolux is setting a new standard for finishing luxury pools, spas, and water features. Their stainless steel fittings are a great alternative to standard PVC fittings for those looking to compliment their luxury pool with a luxury product. The fittings are constructed using 316L marine grade stainless steel that is unaffected by UV or chemicals and will outlast any regular PVC fitting. Most ABS and PVC products on the market will eventually turn yellow, breakdown and deteriorate. Steel not only outlasts regular fittings but its polished finish is highly reflective and looks great underwater.

Also, considering what stainless steel products go for these days, the cost of a Flolux fitting for your pool is relatively inexpensive. They're comparable to what standard fittings cost for a standard pool.

Flolux fittings can also be installed in a variety of applications from concrete, fiberglass / ceramic, spas, marine and boating applications, and water features of all kinds. Their wall fittings are "push fit" or "slip style" which means you can simply pop them in and out of the wall with your hand.

Installation of Push fit & Self set type backing

They're designed to be pushed into pipes rather than threaded. The "push-fit" design gives pool builders more flexibility when finishing pools, if the penetration pipes are not straight after concreting (which is common). It also makes the fittings great for new construction and retro-fit applications. And since a large amount of luxury pools are located in coastal or marine environments that experience salt water and air, the durability of the 316L marine grade steel makes the Flolux fittings suitable even for pools and spas aboard super yachts.

Flolux is revolutionizing the way we view traditional pool fittings by offering beautiful fittings with a quality design and durable construction to compliment the most luxurious and architecturally inspired pools today; which is something we desperately needed. The diversity of water features designed by architects, landscape designers, outdoor living designers and companies like Smart Aquatics in both residential and commercial applications has increased the demand for fittings comparable to the quality of the feature. Swimming pools have evolved from red brick coping, kidney shaped vessels to architectural masterpieces, engineering feats and technical achievements located on the tops of skyscraper like the Marine Bay Sands Sky Pool in Singapore. As pools became larger, more intricate and developed infinity edges, they also began to require more fittings which can become unsightly. Over time, finding a way to hide or conceal these fittings became more important to designers. But with a Flolux fitting, we now have the option to specify a product equally as impressive as the pool they are being installed in.

Flolux has fittings installed throughout the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Europe and offers worldwide shipping


FloJet 40mm (1.5") Eyeball Return Jet, Push Fit, Self Set

One of the largest considerations for the Flolux fittings in the U.S. was meeting the National Electric Code. Per the NEC, all metal within 5 feet of the waters edge of a swimming pool must be properly bonded.

Any exposed metal within 5 feet of the surrounding interior pool wall must be bonded by a No. 8 AWG copper conductor. This includes metal pool ladders, metal fencing, doors, window frames, and even steel conduit or cable within the first 5 feet surrounding the pool. This bonding requirement also extends to the pool electrical equipment and applicable lighting.

The reason this elaborate equipotential system is built that connects all exposed metal surrounding the pool to the water in the pool, and to the surrounding earth is to manufacture a complete conductive path for current to flow between these components. This way, in the event of inadvertent voltage coming into contact with any single component, the voltage will ultimately energize all components. This continuity between parts reduces or even eliminates the deadly voltage gradient existing between conductive materials that can electrocute a swimmer, should swimming pool components come into contact with dangerous voltage.

This was the biggest concern for contractors but Flolux fittings, although constructed from stainless steel which is a metal, does not require the bonding/grounding you would expect from any other metal product. The thoughtful design of the Flolux fittings includes a stainless steel fascia with a PVC backing. So from an electrical standpoint, it is the same as installing a standard PVC fitting. None of the metal is physically touching any part of the pool.

Flolux fittings underwent a grounding impedence test by NSF International for electrical safety where the entire assembly was determined to comply with the applicable requirements as a Field Evaluated product under NFPA 79, NFPA 70 Article 680.26, and UL 1795 section 58.

FloLux- Approval Letter
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