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The Best DIY Website For Pool & Spa Care

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Swim University has been creating the most comprehensive and easiest to follow guides on pool and spa care for over a decade.

If you're a Do-it-Yourselfer looking for a trusted source for pool and spa care tips, you should add SwimUniversity to your favorites tab on your web browser. It's the most reliable, unbiased, and easiest to follow educational website for pool maintenance tips that anyone can understand. It's also run by a pool professional with over 20 years of experience and they don't have any outside influences like sponsors, affiliations or partnerships.

Pool and hot tub care simplified

They say if you cant explain it to a fourth grader you don't really understand it. Well, pools are no different. In fact, swimming pools are something of a specialized niche that most people don't fully understand especially when you start talking water chemistry and maintenance. So naturally there are a ton of Websites, YouTube channels, and Blogs dedicated to pool service with how-to's, informative tips, and tricks to properly taking care of your pool or spa. The problem is, most of them aren't as clean cut, streamline and simple to follow as you would think or only cover a very specific portion of pool maintenance, leaving you with only a partial solution.

For instance, even some of my favorite sites for pool maintenance like Orenda focuses mainly on understanding water chemistry, and Inyo Pools Youtube Channel focuses mainly on product service and repairs with how-to guides and informative videos. Other large retail sites like Leslies Pool Supplies and Pool Supply World have half decent blogs that cover the basics but they're more of a general overview and don't offer anything in depth. Plus they're owned by the same company and have a virtual monopoly on the online retail space offering products to end consumers for less than what pool pros can buy them from their distributors and ultimately forcing manufacturers to quit selling their products online - I digress...

It's also hard to find helpful information nowadays that's both easy to understand and not influenced by third parties. Most websites either just want to sell you a product for a profit or they're influenced by sponsors and advertisements. In fact, a lot of websites I come across promoting pool product reviews just list all the robotic cleaner options for instance, and copy and past the manufacturers product description to make a sale without offering any real value other than what you could have found online yourself.

Swimming pools can also be difficult to maneuver if you don't fully understand the inter-workings or water chemistry. And it's hard to find a site that offers reliable advice in a format that's easy enough to understand. To be fair there are a number of useful sights

But Swim University breaks down pool and spa care for you in simplest terms so virtually anyone can understand. I'm convinced a fourth grader could probably follow along one of Swim Universities how-to videos and turn your pool over back to blue or service a filter. And the videos are actually continuing to get even better.

Why you should trust me

I'm a Millennial so the internet is kind of my thing. So are pools. I'm a second generation pool and spa professional. So I know a few pool care tips and tricks myself. I know just about all the major pool and spa care sites, YouToube channels, blogs, Instagram accounts, Facebook pages and Podcasts currently online and I stay up to date on the state of the industry through email subscriptions, magazine articles and social media posts.

Why I chose Swim University

Swim University is an easy to read website covering virtually everything related to #swimming #pool and #spa maintenance for homeowners who take care of their own pools. It's the easiest to read, easiest to follow and simplest form of educational information on pool stuff. It's also run by a pool professional with over 20 years in the industry.

To give you an idea, there's currently over 209 separate posts within 6 different categories: 135 #pool related topics and 74 posts related to hot tub care. That's a hell of a lot of pool info. Swim University also has a YouTube channel with 62 videos, though most of them are on the site.

The S.U. site covers topics from "How to Fix Cloudy Pool Water" and "11 Common Pool Maintenance Mistakes" to "Basic Pool Chemistry" and "How to Test Your Pool Water in the Digital Age."

The material is also presented in a way that's both simple and practical. The post titles are concise, context is given for understanding, the headings are large and legible, the body short and to the point, and the order of operations, numbered. The information is also offered in a variety of different formats including How To's, Product Recommendations, Downloadable Guides, Video Walkthroughs and even a weekly based Subscription. You can even purchase their more in depth Pool Care Handbook which is an easy to read, illustrated, digital guide.

Another thing I like about the S.U. site is that it gives you relevent info based on the topic. For instance, if you're reading through the "How to Vacuum a Pool Manually" post, they tell you all the items you'll need to do the job, give you a step by step numbered process with pictures, have a video, and even offer suggested products for the task so you can click and purchase anything you need. So if you're reading up on how to manually vacuum your pool and you don't have everything you need, you don't have to waste time trying to figure out what to buy and where to buy it.

It's worth mentioning that this type of site is also what's referred to as an Affiliate Marketing site. Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people's (or company's) products. So Swim University promotes products they like and earn a piece of the profit for each sale. To give you an idea Amazon was the first major brand to use the affiliate model as one of their marketing platforms in 1996 and have over over 180K websites currently promoting Amazon products.

#SwimUniversity is really a one stop shop for everything related to #pool and #spa care.

They've managed to break down pool and spa maintenance into simplest terms, so much so, that I'm confident someone who doesn't know shit about pools could successfully maintain their own with Swim University at their side. So if you've been on the fence about whether or not you're capable of maintaining your pool or spa yourself, I implore you to give it a shot with the help of Swim University.

Keep in mind that some pools require more maintenance than others and no two pools are the same. You may very well have what we call a "problematic pool" which could require time and money you just aren't willing to put in to properly maintaining it - and there's no website that can help you with that. In some cases, you may need a professional to do the heavy lifting at first to get your pool back on track and you can take it from there.

But if you're determined to keep your pool crystal clear, Swim University gives you the tools and know-how, to do so. It's probably safe to say that if you can't find a specific maintenance tip on Swim University, I don't imagine you'd find it anywhere else. If I knew nothing to little about pools and wanted somewhere to start, or wanted to build on my basic knowledge to tackle some of the larger issues you see come Summer time, Swim University is the website I'd bookmark for all my maintenance needs.

It's also worth noting that I may not exactly agree with everything on the site like some of the product recommendations but that doesn't mean you shouldn't. Swim University has been at it since 2007 and reached more than 10 million home owners which is pretty damn impressive. Not to mention the founder has been in the pool industry since age 13. So it's safe to say they're a reliable source.

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