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The Most Iconic In-Water Pool Furniture

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Ledge Loungers makes the the most iconic, weather resistant outdoor furniture specifically designed for swimming pool use.

If you want a piece of outdoor furniture for your pool that's both #comfortable and #stylish and you can leave in the water year round without worry, you should invest in a couple of Ledge Loungers Signature Chaise and Chairs. They look better and last longer than anything else on the market, were specifically designed for swimming pool use and offer the best warranty. They also offer the best accessory options and cost less than the other in-water furniture options.

In Water. In Style.

Shallow lounging areas, sun shelves, or tanning ledges in #swimming #pools have become increasingly popular over the years and few pools are built today without one.

They've pretty much become a standard option on every pool and most designers include an SLA on virtually every project.

But you still don't typically see furniture left in the pool even in one that has a shallow area specifically designed for chairs and loungers because furniture doesn't generally do well in swimming pool water and their legs can also harm your pool surface.

Chemicals in the pool water degrade materials similar to the corrosive properties of salt water so putting your outdoor patio furniture in your pool and leaving it there for an extended period of time, isn't really a good idea. Especially considering how expensive quality outdoor furniture can be. Chairs not intended for you pools surface can also leave permanent indentations, stains and scrapes on your pool finish which is the last thing you want. Not to mention most outdoor furniture sets have aluminum frames and placing metal that's not properly bonded, in a pool is unsafe and potentially a huge liability.

In my experience, most people end up dragging a patio chair onto their sun shelf or SLA when they want to catch some rays while enjoying the water and then take it out when they're done. That, or they purchase a cheap plastic alternative so they don't really have to worry about ruining them.

Either way, most of the outdoor furniture that I've ever come across in a swimming pool, wasn't intended to be in the water and simply doesn't look like it belongs. (Especially during hurricane season when people decide to sink their patio tables and chairs in the pool so they don't blow away) They also don't give you the same in-water experience as a chair that was designed to be partially submerged.

So if you're constantly dragging chairs in and out of the water, not only are you shortening their lifespan and harming your pool surface, but you're not getting the full benefit of your SLA or furniture for that matter. So why not buy something you can leave in the pool year round that looks better, lasts longer and gives you a better overall experience?

Why you should trust me

I grew up servicing residential and commercial swimming pools including 5 star hotels in Miami Beach and private residences in Hibiscus Island so I've seen countless sets of quality indoor and outdoor furniture in pools and on pool decks. I've even serviced campus swimming pools like Barry Universities Pentafort Pool. I'm also from Miami where weekend pool parties are pretty standard so I've laid out in pool and deck loungers at hotels like Ft. Bleau, Shelborne, SLS, The Standard, Raleigh, Nautilus, and Mondrian on a regular basis. I've been to the Regional Pool show multiple times as well as the International Show, I stay up to date on new products via email and magazine subscriptions, and I stay tuned in to all the relevant industry social media outlets.

Ledge Loungers was also on Inc magazines Inc. 5000 list for the last three years in a row.

The Inc. 5000 is a list of the fastest-growing private companies in the nation. The list represents a unique look at the most successful independent companies within the American economy. Companies such as #Microsoft, #UnderArmour, #Zappos, #GoPro, #inkedIn, #Zillow, and many other household names gained their first national exposure as honorees of the Inc. 5000. In August, 2017 Ledge Lounger was ranked number 420 on the 36th annual Inc. 5000 list with a three-year sales growth of 1045.4%. They also made the list last year in August 2018 as number 914 and again in 2019.

Ledge Loungers

Ledge Loungers is also able to serve high end clientele like world famous DJ, Steve Aoki for his playhouse in Las Vegas, Nevada with custom embroidered sun beds and loungers.

Ledge Loungers

Why I chose Ledge Loungers

Photo by Jimi Smith Photography

Ledge Loungers are one of the only chairs built "swimming pool tough" that you can actually leave in your pool year round, look at home in the water, and gives you a perfect partial in-water experience. They're also very comfortable, offer the most useful accessory options, and have a better warranty than the other in-water furniture options.

As far as I'm concerned they're the most stylish lounge chairs you can purchase for your pool. In fact, they're probably the most iconic pool chairs currently on the market with their distinctive contoured shape. The curves are soft, smooth and continuous from one end to the other which makes them very elegant and easy on the eyes. And without any visual interruptions like legs or additional supports, they have a very modern and contemporary look and feel that give them some serious curb appeal.

I've had multiple friends comment on the loungers and how cool they look before noticing any other aspect of the pool on numerous occasions at hotel pools, friends houses and even my parents new pool. It's consistently one of the first things they notice regardless of the type of pool they're sitting in and usually sounds something like: "ohhh, wow, look at those chairs" or "ah, those chairs are so cool." And rightfully so. The Ledge Loungers design is pretty unique in it of itself so I find that when you set a couple in the pool, people are pretty taken back by their unity with the water.

They're also one of the only chairs in my opinion that look better in the water than on the pool deck although they can be used for both. Most chairs weren't designed for pool use so they don't look the part but the loungers radiused design allows them to be partially submerged which make them look comfortable in the water. The design also closely resembles the outline of a wave which speaks more to the water than anything else and certainly more so compared to other chairs. And if you happen to be in the pool, it's actually hard not to want to at least try one out. They have a very inviting quality about them and don't usually stay empty for long.

Ledge Loungers are also very comfortable and give you a way better watery experience than most chairs. The curvatures hug the natural arches of your body and don't make you feel like you have bad posture when your sitting in one. And because their shape pretty much dictates your posture, it's difficult to sit in them any other way then they were intended.

The curves are also what allow you to be partially submerged in the water. The chair dips down in the waist and feet area so you can partly enjoy the water but keep the main parts of your body dry. It's actually a very pleasant feeling and the right ratio of wet to dry, I think. You don't want to be more wet than dry or else you'll just feel like you're in the pool and for that matter, you could just sit on your chest deep pool bench. Especially during the cooler months when its sunny and 75 but the waters a little chilly and you don't want to completely get in. But you also don't want to be completely dry either or you'd just feel like you were lounging on your deck and eventually get hot and start to sweat.

So with the Ledge Loungers you can enjoy the pool and the sun without too much of either and you'll be comfortably sound with a little of both. Chairs not intended to be in the water don't really give you any in-water experience or at least one that would be worthwhile. Depending on the height of the chair or depth of the water you'll either have to hang your legs off the sides of the chair to get them wet, end up with only a wet butt and back, or be mostly wet or mostly dry.

The best part about the Ledge Loungers furniture is not how it looks or even their durability, but the way they make you feel. "You can just lie back and relax, stream your fingers through the water and forget about the world."


Photo by Jimi Smith Photography

Ledge Loungers are made from ultra-strong, high-density #polyethylene making them #weather and #chemical #resistant to withstand the #sun, #water, #wind and #chemicals of the harsh outdoor #pool #environment. They're actually one of the few outdoor chairs that are designed to stay in your pool year round which is pretty impressive given the type of heat and UV we get in places with some of the largest pool markets like SoFla and SoCal.

Pool chemicals are also not very friendly to outdoor furniture so the chairs are made from the same material used to store Muriatic acid and other extremely harsh chemicals which is why the loungers can stay in the water without a problem. It actually took about two years of research to make the very first Ledge Lounger and the process they use to manufacture the chairs takes up to 2 hours to make a single chair. So it's not something that's just stamped hot off the press.

They're also made using color stabilized, high quality UV16 rated resin which means they can withstand 16,000 hours of direct, overhead, 90 degree sunlight. UV16 is the new standard for longer term protection in North America and really the most important factor in achieving long term outdoor performance. The only country in the world currently with a higher standard UV rating is Australia which requires UV32 rated products.

And while the weatherometer test used to determine a products UV rating don't yet allow accurate predictions of how a polymer will necessarily behave in the field, it does eliminate the variables associated with differences in climatic conditions and atmospheric pollution. They also accelerate the availability of performance results but even though the tests are accelerated, testing to UV20 standard (20,000 hours) for instance, will still take almost 2 years to complete.

Generally, 2,000 hours corresponds to 1 year in Florida, so 20,000 hours is approximately 10 years. And since they're tested in conditions that will rarely ever be the case in real world applications, you can get a better idea of how much longer the chairs are expected to last. And according to Ledge Loungers founder, Christopher Anderson, "it will more or less last a lifetime."

Additionally, Ledge Loungers uses special batches of UV16 rated color pigmented resin for their 11 color options that were specifically selected because of the naturally increased resistance to UV in their pigment. So in case you were wondering why their chairs are not available in your favorite color blue or orange, it's so they'll last longer. In fact, a Ledge Lounger shouldn't even really begin to fade for about 9 years and if it does, it should be very minimal.

Even the fabrics they use on their accessories like pillows and cushions are some of the highest quality outdoor fabrics you can buy. Ledge Loungers upholsters their fabrics with Sunbrellas marine grade canvas which is one of the most #expensive and highest #quality #outdoor #fabrics in the #world and my top pick for The Best Fabric For Your Pool and Outdoor Area. Sunbrella fabrics are #stain, #mildew, #fading, #UV, and #water resistant so they're perfect for the outdoor pool environment. The Sunbrella material repells water causing it to bead up and eventually dry out instead of penetrate the fabric and get absorbed and become damp. You've probably seen some cushions before that were still wet a day or two after some heavy rains because the fabric and cushions eventually started to absorb and hold water.

To be fair, if you were to take took a hose and held it over a fabric, eventually it would saturate the fabric and soak in some water. Even the highest quality water resistant fabrics can become waterlogged in extreme conditions if the water is absorbed into the cushion material and allowed to sit. And nobody wants to sit on damp cushions or constantly have to bring the cushions in and out based on weather conditions. So, since Ledge Loungers are intended to be in and around water, they use an open cell foam material for their pillows and cushions so if water does penetrate the Sumbrella fabric, the cushion itself won't absorb any of it. It's actually an EZ-Dri polyether-polyurethane foam that drys almost immediately after exposure to rain, salt spray, melting snow, morning dew, washing, or other forms of moisture and humidity. It has large, open pores that allow for maximum water drainage and air circulation, which means you can use them quickly after being wet or even saturated. It's definitely a necessary detail if you're going to sell an outdoor product made for pool use.

Especially considering Ledge Loungers are popular among residential and commercial accounts across the country like the #Raleigh and #Nautilus #Hotel in #South #Beach, the #Cosmopolitan in #Vegas and some #Sandals Resorts, to name a few. These hotels all display the Signature Chaise, Chaise Deep or Chair in their pool areas used by thousands of people per week. If these loungers can withstand commercial use on pool decks with little to no shade, baking in the sun and exposed to chemicals in the pool water, all day, everyday, being used by hundreds of people a day, it's probably safe to say they're worth their salt.


Ledge loungers are intended to hold water inside them so they don't float away, blow over or move once you've placed them on your sun shelf so you'll have to fill them up.

It's not really a big deal and only takes a couple minutes to do a pair but I've found it's much easier to do when you're in the pool.

If your ledge has up to 9 inches of water, go with the Signature Chaise. If you have a deeper ledge with 10 to 15 inches of water, opt for the Chaise Deep. They’re different sizes but both are equally as easy to set up. Simply submerge them into your pool to let them fill with water, then pull them onto the ledge.

Photo by The Cottages at Knightdale Station

Water depth is important because each of the in-pool products is designed for a specific water depth. If used in a depth outside of the recommended range, the product won't work as intended and you won't get the same experience. Making sure that you have the correct measurements of your pool’s water depth will ensure that the product you are interested in will work properly in your pool. If you’re placing the product in deeper water than recommended, fill it completely with sand, plug the holes and then place it in the desired position.

You'll need a flat head screwdriver to unscrew the two caps on the underside of the chair in order to fill them but you'll need to put them back so don't lose them. If you lose a cap you can email Ledge Loungers to order another or they say you can use a cork or 1.25” rubber plug that can be found at your local hardware store, in the meantime.

And although you don't really have to worry about scratching the pool surface or damaging the chair while moving them around because they're safe for all pool surfaces including vinyl, I'd still be cautious when dragging anything across your pool floor.

You also want to make sure you fill up the chairs all the way, down to the last air bubble if possible. If you don't the front of the chairs on the floor could start to lift up from the bottom when you create a wake in the pool or lean back in the seat. They won't lift up significantly and it's not really noticeable unless you're directly next to one but you can feel it ever so slightly when you relax and lay all the way back if it needs some additional water. And so you don't have to do the filling process all over again, it's better to get it right the first time.

Draining the chairs is just as easy as filling them but it's not something you'll have to do on a regular basis. Simply remove the plugs and the water will start to drain.

The loungers are 5'-11" in overall length, weigh about 144 lbs when full and can hold up to 300 plus pounds. According to Ledge Loungers, the ideal length of a tanning ledge, SLA, or sun shelf is 7'-0" for the Signature Chase, 7'-6"' for the Signature Deep and 4'-0" for the Chair although you can still put them in areas smaller than this. The base of the Signature Chaise is roughly 3'-8" so if you have a smaller sun shelf but still want a Chaise rather than a chair, you can measure and see what you're comfortable with.

Also, depending on where you live, if temperatures are going to drop below freezing and you're winterizing your pool, Ledge Loungers recommends draining your Lounger product(s) completely, removing them from the pool, and storing them inside, or safely away from strong winds and inclement weather. If storing outside, cover product(s) with an industrial-grade plastic bag, or equivalent. If you don't plan to completely winterize the pool but you do have a pool cover, you can leave your loungers filled, and sink them underwater in the deep end of the pool. They won't freeze.


Unlike other companies that simply offer an in-water pool furniture option, Ledge Loungers is an in-water pool furniture company who's also evolved into the complete outdoor pool environment. So including the Chaises and Chairs themselves, Ledge Loungers currently has 23 different in-water furniture options and 86 outdoor furniture options all made from the same quality as their Signature Chaises and Chairs. They have accessories including pillows, cushions, shades with TV's, side tables, coffee tables, a ping pong table, sectional sofas, sunbeds, daybeds, trashcans, umbrellas, cabanas and more. They only have 3 accessory options for the Chaises themselves but they're very useful and definitely enhance your already awesome in-water experience.

Chaise Headrest Pillow

The Chaise Headrest Pillow is an obvious choice for added comfort but the cool thing about it, aside from the quality Sunbrella fabric and EZ-Dri foam core is that is also has a built-in pocket so you can put your phone or personal items in while you're in the water.

The pocket is actually designed to go on the back on the pillow but apparently most people end up putting it on the front for easier access to their phones. - go figure. The pillow's also available in hundreds of customizable color options, including personalized embroidery so you can have it tailored with the University of Miami colors if you want.

It's also easily strapped onto the Chiase with velcro.

Chiase Shade

Ledge Loungers also offers something you find anywhere else for your pool furniture. They have a Chaise Shade that keeps the sun out of your face and literally has a touchscreen compatible, media viewing window so you can safely use your phone or tablet from your pool’s tanning ledge. It's a pretty cool accessory and great for a hands free experience when you want to watch your favorite Game of Thrones re-run, listen to some T-Swift or read an e-book but I have to admit, they're not my favorite looking accessory but I imagine you'd only leave them on the chair when you're using them. They also slide on and off pretty easily as an attachment so it's not a hassle to remove.

Chaise Cushion

Ledge Loungers also offers a full body cushion with a built-in headrest pillow for the Signature Chaise or Chaise Deep when you really want to relax and be lazy or take a nap or if you just want added comfort but they're really only recommended for out of water use.

Who Should Buy This

If you have a pool with a shallow lounging area, sun shelf, baja shelf, or tanning ledge, and you plan on having a piece of furniture to relax in, I think you should have a Ledge Lounger. They're the only in-water chairs that will stand up to the harsh pool environment, come with a sense of style, give you additional accessory options to further enhance your watery experience, and come with a 2 year warranty. They can also be used on your pool deck.

Ledge Loungers are definitely not your every day backyard pool chairs. They're for someone who wants to enhance their pool and backyard with something stylish and doesn't mind paying for a quality built product or for someone who just doesn't want to waste money on something that may fail in a year.

Purchasing a Ledge Lounger will remove any doubt that you got a quality item that's going to last you a long time. And compared to other outdoor furniture or even the few in-water options, Ledge Loungers aren't wildy expensive. The Ledge Lounger Signature Chaise for 0-9" of water depth will run you $659.00 and the Chaise Deep, $749.00. Additionally, shipping for 1-2 chaises is around $145.00 but I imagine this varies based on your location. (don't hold me to any of that) Also, if there's a dealer in your area, they may have some in stock.

They're also surprisingly cheaper than S.R. Smiths new Destination Lounger or Frontgates Soleil Lounger although not by much. And considering what quality outdoor furniture in general from places like Potterby Barn, Restoration Hardware, or Frontgate costs, for what you're getting, I think it's a fair price. Most chairs that are going to last you more than a year will typically cost you around $1000.00 anyways but with a Ledge Lounger, you get the added benefit of being able to use them in your pool which is a much greater experience.

In my opinion, they're well worth the money and you won't be dissatisfied with the products performance or aesthetics. But if you're looking for something more affordable and don't need it to last you a solid decade, then a lounger from an online retailer like Amazon or Wayfair might be a better option. I wouldn't expect much out of them as far as longevity but if you just wan't something to throw in the water every once in a while, they'll do a similar job. Just with less flare. It's also worth mentioning that even most "knock-off" loungers will run you around $200.00 so I'm not sure the trade off is really worth it.

If you're interested in a Ledge Lounger you can call Pool Rangers, Inc. with any questions and they can help you facilitate your order, you can order directly from the Ledge Loungers website, you can find a dealer in your area, or they even sell some on Amazon.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

In order to give you a true partial in-water experience where your waist is partially submerged, the Ledge Loungers Signature Chiase for 0-9" of water depth has to be fairly close to the ground. So in a seated position, your butt is only a few inches from the floor. The only thing separating you from the floor since there are no legs, is the thickness of the Chiase itself which is about 3".

This makes getting out of the chair a little more involved than you would initially expect and is usually the first reservation people have about the chair. You get a great watery experience but it can make getting up a bit of a struggle especially if you're getting up there in your years. It's similar to getting up from a seated position on the floor with your knees bent but because you're laid back, you have to try and sit up first without anything to really grab on to. You get used to it like anything else and it doesn't keep my mother from lounging in one just yet but it's worth noting since it's not something you notice until you actually attempt to get up.

Unfortunately that's just the nature of a product that's in a shallow area to begin with and allowing the user to be low enough to be partially submerged.

If you're worried about potentially struggling to get up, or you have a deeper shallow lounging area, you'll be better served by the Ledge Lounger Signature Chaise Deep for 10-15" of water depth. The base of the chair is a lot thicker and around 10" off the ground so you won't have that issue but it's also more visually apparent and not as sleek looking as the Signature Chaise.

It's worth stating that if the Signature Chaise if too low for you but you don't have a deep enough sun shelf for the Chiase Deep, but you still want a Ledge Lounger, you might have to settle for using the Chaise Deep on your pool deck. Not having the right amount of water depth for the Chaise Deep or even too much water Depth for the Signature Chaise, either won't give you any watery experience or too much and may not be as pleasing.

Ledge Loungers also only offer 11 color options, none of which are my first choice. Although the justification is worth it for added durability, they're not the most exciting selections and I'm not sure how I feel about the dark blue and green at all. But, because pools usually have a couple colors already going on with their interior finish and waterline tile, sometimes you don't want to throw too many colors into the mix and a softer neutral color closer to the majority of the Loungers color options may be the best choice.

The lead time on most of the pillow and shade cover color options can also take longer than you'd expect. It's just a pillow and some fabric but it can take up to 6 weeks or longer depending on what you order. According to the Ledge Loungers site, they only stock 6 colors which take 1-2 weeks to ship, with standard colors shipping in 3-4 weeks and premium colors within 6 weeks. It also says to allow an additional week for embroidery. I'm not sure what the hold up is but that just seems entirely too long for some fabric and makes you want to stick to the 6 stocked colors which also aren't my favorite assortment.


Because Ledge Loungers are designed to stay outside, partially submerged in your pool water, they'll require some minor maintenance every now and then to keep them looking healthy. You'll need to lightly scrub the exterior of the chairs whenever and wherever you see an oil line starting to accumulate. The surface of the pool water usually carries any oils from your body or lotions that eventually build up and tend to stick to anything in the water like your pool tile and in this case your Ledge Loungers so

some minor regular scrubbing of these waterline areas should prevent any unsightly buildup.

You should also make sure you move the loungers around on your sun shelf whenever you're cleaning the pool. Depending on the circulation in your sun shelf, if you leave the chairs in the same place for too long, you can get algae build up beneath them. Especially if you have poor circulation in your shallow lounging area, you want to make sure you move the chairs and address these covered areas as part of your regular pool maintenance. This is less directly related to the chairs and more related to setting something on the floor in your pool but should be addressed nonetheless.

The ledge loungers are also filled with water to keep them in place on your tanning ledge so you'll need to empty and refill them a couple times a year to to prevent unforeseen issues. Ledge Loungers recommends you drain the furniture and refill it with new balanced and chlorinated water, once a pool season.But since the products are also UV16 rated, UV rays won’t penetrate to the inside of them so Algae and water organisms won't grow - they can't live without oxygen and light. So as long as the water put into the lounger was properly balanced and chlorinated, the water will stay clean. That said, I still think it's a good idea to change out the water at least once a year just as a good maintenance habit.

Ledge Loungers also recommends using Armor-All applied with a soft cloth if you want to keep them looking in top shape. Depending on the calcium levels of your pool, you may also start to notice a white powder like coating begin to develop on your lounger. If this occurs, Ledge Loungers recommends cleaning it with CLR Calcium, Lime and Rust Remover.

In general and like anything else, the more you clean your Loungers the easier they will be to keep that way. Especially if Calcium build up is an issue in your pool which it can be in most. Products made to go in the water, if not properly maintained will begin to develop calcium deposits like you may have seen before on your tile. And Calcium will stick to anything including your pools surface and even frost proof waterline tile. So the more often you clean your loungers, the easier and more preventable this will be. You can also choose a color that Calcium is less likely to show up on which is what is typically recommended in commercial applications.

Ledge Loungers also recommends to always use a soft bristle brush or cloth when cleaning your loungers. For routine cleaning, just use water and for a deeper clean, remove the lounger from the pool and use a mild household cleaner or a magic eraser.

When adding shock or other highly concentrated chemicals to your pool, remove all Ledge Lounger products and return to the pool only once chemical levels are back to normal.

In the event of a freeze, you should also remove your Lounger from the water, drain and store.


Believe it or not, Ledge Loungers actually has an extremely low return rate on their Signature Chaise due to it's quality and durability. In fact, most of their returns are exchanges for a different color or it just ended up not working well with the sun shelf they were trying to be placed on either due to depth or space.

But they also come with a solid 2 year warranty and a guarantee that their products will be of exceptional quality and craftsmanship, free from defects and flaws. This is double the warranty of both S.R. Smiths Destination Lounger and Frontgates Soleil Lounger which both only offer a one year warranty.

The warranty states that products shall be free from material defects, and shall not splinter, crack, chip, peel, or rot for two (2) years from the date of purchase for both commercial and residential use.

Fabric warranties vary by fabric type and are covered under a limited prorated warranty provided directly from the fabric mill. This warranty covers the fabric becoming un-serviceable because of loss of color or strength from normal exposure conditions including sunlight, mildew, rot, and atmospheric chemicals. Warranty does not cover ripped, torn, or frayed fabric or seams. Marine grade solution dyed acrylic fabrics are warranted against light fastness for a period of ten (10) years.

The competition

S.R. Smith Destination Lounger

S.R. Smiths newly released Destination Loungers look similar to the Ledge Loungers and offer a similar in-water experience but they're still brand new to the market so they're durability hasn't been tested yet and they only offer a one year warranty. They're also a bit more expensive.

To be fair, S.R. Smith has a pretty good reputation for producing quality pool products so I expect no less from their new Loungers but that remains to be seen and there's also some noticeable aesthetic differences that make the Ledge Loungers more preferable in my eyes.

I like the overall shape although they're a little more flattened in certain areas and not as smoothly contoured as the Ledge Loungers but they do allow you to get more of your feet and legs wet which is a nice trade off. Most peoples feet tend to stay dry in the Ledge Lounger due to depth of the curves which puts your feet higher up in the air and typically out of the water.

But, the Destination Lounger only comes in one size made for 0-12" of water depth so depending on the depth of your shallow area, you could be more submerged than anything else. They also have some visual elements that I'm not too fond of although they may not be too big of a deal to someone else. The recessed back creates a nice lip to grab onto for functionality but I don't think it was worth the visual trade off because it has that "unfinished" look to it. In my opinion, it overly looks like the back of the chair.

The bottom of the chair also has two separate areas that serve as the "shoes" if you will, which interrupt the curvatures of the overall shape. They hang out from the rest of the curvature of the chair so rather than having a continuous shape from start to finish, you see a small area where these "arms" protrude from the design to serve as the "feet" of the chair. It's purely an aesthetic thing for me and doesn't bother me as much when they're in the water especially if you have a bubbler or highly reflective surface but it's worth mentioning.

These "shoes" are actually what fill with water and keep the chairs in place. So filling the Destination Loungers is probably easier to do than the Ledge Loungers. They have small holes on the underside of these "shoes" so you can simply place them in your shallow area and then hold them down while they fill up. There's no screw drivers or dragging them up onto your sun shelf from the pool, involved, so filling and draining the Destination Loungers seem to be a much easier task.

And because the entire chair doesn't have to be filled with water, they only weigh about half the filled weight of the Ledge Loungers but they also support less weight. The Destination Loungers weigh around 71 lbs when full depending on water depth and can hold up to 250 lbs. vs. the Ledge Loungers Signature Chiase that weighs 144 lbs. when full and holds up to 300 lbs. The weight doesn't seem to make a huge difference considering most people don't move their loungers once they're in place but it's a consideration for when you do decide to move them.

The Destination Loungers are also UV protected but they don't yet say to what degree and since they're a new product they don't have the decade of in-field reliability that the Ledge Loungers do. They're also a bit more expensive than the Ledge Loungers and don't offer any non-neutral color options. A Destination Lounger will run you around $50.00 more than a Ledge Lounger will which isn't much but it could equate to at least $100.00 since most people end up purchasing two.

They also offer 11 total color options with 7 standard colors and 4 special order choices but of the 11 colors offered, only 3 of them are solid colors. Most of the colors have a textured look which in my opinion looks better than their solid ones but I'm not sure if I like that style in general more or less than a complete color. They also only have neutral colors so if you're feeling artsy, you're out of luck, at least for now. They also currently don't have any additional accessory options for the loungers but they do have a table and umbrella available.

If you're not a fan of the Ledge Lounger but you'd like something similar, S.R. Smiths Destination Lounger looks promising. I can't yet fully confirm its durability but given their reputation and their quality RTM manufacturing process, I don't expect to be disappointed.


Long time outdoor commercial furniture supplier, Tropitone has an in-pool Curve lounger that's suitable for in or out of the pool. Their Curve Collection is made from Rotoform, a waterproof, marine-grade polymer product similar to S.R. Smiths Lounger. Tropitone also offers accessory products like tables and ottomans that are available in several bright colors which I do like.

The Tropitone® brand was originally established as a commercial brand in 1954 when car travel was starting to boom in the USA. As travelers became familiar with Tropitone® brand products at hotels and resorts, they began asking where they could buy such comfortable, stylish and high quality products for their homes. Tropitone decided to fill that demand by offering commercial-quality products for sale at retail. Tropitone basically changed the standards for an entire industry by applying the rigorous product and service requirements of the highly demanding commercial market to the residential market. They have broad and deep portfolios of products specifically designed for commercial and residential outdoor spaces, all with the same standards of excellence. So it's probably safe to say that Tropitones Curve Collection for in-water use is a reliable buy.

Aqua Chair


I was recently made aware of the AquaChair in-pool chaise lounger so I reached out to the company to get the inside scoop. These chairs are made of UV16-rated polyethylene plastic which means they should hold up in the pool environment but they also only come with a 1-year warranty and they only have 5 color options. The company also has a handful of accessories like a pillow that utilizes "Sunbrella or Sunbrella equivalent" fabric, a side table and an umbrella.

It's a cheaper option than the Ledge Lounger and Destination Lounger at just $499-$549 but is a little bulkier-looking than both alternatives. But if you're not too hung up on the details and don't care to have the absolute best of the best, the Aqua Chair might be a solid option for something to simply enjoy your sun shelf.

It's worth noting that the recommended filling method for the Aqua Chair is through the use of a hose. It's said to place the chair on its side and fill with a garden hose which might be more work but worth the money savings. Their website is also currently advertising "free shipping on everything" which will save you even more considering that Ledge Loungers does charge a shipping fee that can be over $100 depending on where you're located.

Frontgate Soleil Water Lounger

Frontgate also has an in-water lounger that I like but it's only available in one color, has a lesser warranty, and is more expensive than both the Ledge Lounger and Destination Lounger when it's not on sale.

Frontgate is notorious for selling quality, luxury home products which is probably why their lounger is more expensive but if you've ever heard one of their advertisements, they also market themselves as providing the "worlds best outdoor furniture."

And with qualities of their Soleil Water Lounger closely resembling the Ledge Lounger in both aesthetics and durability, they look like they're worth the money. I actually think this chair would look great alongside a Ledge Lounger that was in the water, if the Soleil Lounger was on the deck and you didn't want all your chairs to look exactly the same. They seem to "speak the same language" as the Ledge Loungers but they also have a more defined front and back leg. I don't dislike it, it's just a different style option.

It's also more elongated and has less significant contours but still looks super smooth and wavy and doesn't have any visual interruptions like the Destination Lounger. In the water, though, it keeps your entire lower half wet which isn't necessarily a bad thing but it's a little bit different than the other two options. It also only comes in one size for 0-8" of water depth so depending on how deep your shelf is, you could end up with most of your lower half fully submerged.

Frontgate claims to have some of the same durability qualities as the Ledge Loungers by stating the color will not yellow and that it's stable for up to 16,000 hours in the sun which would make it UV16 rated although they don't specifically say the rating. They also say it will resist the effects of the weather and pool chemicals so I imagine it's relatively durable if not equally. It's also safe for vinyl liner pools.

The Soleil Lounger also uses the same method to fill and empty the lounger with two plugs on the bottom requiring you to have to flip the chair over. And although I'm not sure how to properly pronounce it, the Soleil Water Lounger has a price tag of $899.00 which makes it significantly more expensive than the other choices but it's also currently on sale for $674.25 which would actually put the price point just over the Ledge Lounger pricing.

Like S.R. Smiths Destination Lounger, the Soleil Lounger only has a one year warranty on which also falls short of Ledge Loungers 2 warranty.

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