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The Most Iconic In-Water Pool Furniture

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Ledge Loungers makes the the most iconic, weather resistant outdoor furniture specifically designed for swimming pool use.

If you want a piece of outdoor furniture for your pool that's both #comfortable and #stylish and you can leave in the water year round without worry, you should invest in a couple of Ledge Loungers Signature Chaise and Chairs. They look better and last longer than anything else on the market, were specifically designed for swimming pool use and offer the best warranty. They also offer the best accessory options and cost less than the other in-water furniture options.

In Water. In Style.

Shallow lounging areas, sun shelves, or tanning ledges in #swimming #pools have become increasingly popular over the years and few pools are built today without one.

They've pretty much become a standard option on every pool and most designers include an SLA on virtually every project.

But you still don't typically see furniture left in the pool even in one that has a shallow area specifically designed for chairs and loungers because furniture doesn't generally do well in swimming pool water and their legs can also harm your pool surface.

Chemicals in the pool water degrade materials similar to the corrosive properties of salt water so putting your outdoor patio furniture in your pool and leaving it there for an extended period of time, isn't really a good idea. Especially considering how expensive quality outdoor furniture can be. Chairs not intended for you pools surface can also leave permanent indentations, stains and scrapes on your pool finish which is the last thing you want. Not to mention most outdoor furniture sets have aluminum frames and placing metal that's not properly bonded, in a pool is unsafe and potentially a huge liability.

In my experience, most people end up dragging a patio chair onto their sun shelf or SLA when they want to catch some rays while enjoying the water and then take it out when they're done. That, or they purchase a cheap plastic alternative so they don't really have to worry about ruining them.

Either way, most of the outdoor furniture that I've ever come across in a swimming pool, wasn't intended to be in the water and simply doesn't look like it belongs. (Especially during hurricane season when people decide to sink their patio tables and chairs in the pool so they don't blow away) They also don't give you the same in-water experience as a chair that was designed to be partially submerged.

So if you're constantly dragging chairs in and out of the water, not only are you shortening their lifespan and harming your pool surface, but you're not getting the full benefit of your SLA or furniture for that matter. So why not buy something you can leave in the pool year round that looks better, lasts longer and gives you a better overall experience?

Why you should trust me

I grew up servicing residential and commercial swimming pools including 5 star hotels in Miami Beach and private residences in Hibiscus Island so I've seen countless sets of quality indoor and outdoor furniture in pools and on pool decks. I've even serviced campus swimming pools like Barry Universities Pentafort Pool. I'm also from Miami where weekend pool parties are pretty standard so I've laid out in pool and deck loungers at hotels like Ft. Bleau, Shelborne, SLS, The Standard, Raleigh, Nautilus, and Mondrian on a regular basis. I've been to the Regional Pool show multiple times as well as the International Show, I stay up to date on new products via email and magazine subscriptions, and I stay tuned in to all the relevant industry social media outlets.

Ledge Loungers was also on Inc magazines Inc. 5000 list for the last three years in a row.

The Inc. 5000 is a list of the fastest-growing private companies in the nation. The list represents a unique look at the most successful independent companies within the American economy. Companies such as #Microsoft, #UnderArmour, #Zappos, #GoPro, #inkedIn, #Zillow, and many other household names gained their first national exposure as honorees of the Inc. 5000. In August, 2017 Ledge Lounger was ranked number 420 on the 36th annual Inc. 5000 list with a three-year sales growth of 1045.4%. They also made the list last year in August 2018 as number 914 and again in 2019.

Ledge Loungers

Ledge Loungers is also able to serve high end clientele like world famous DJ, Steve Aoki for his playhouse in Las Vegas, Nevada with custom embroidered sun beds and loungers.

Ledge Loungers

Why I chose Ledge Loungers

Photo by Jimi Smith Photography

Ledge Loungers are one of the only chairs built "swimming pool tough" that you can actually leave in your pool year round, look at home in the water, and gives you a perfect partial in-water experience. They're also very comfortable, offer the most useful accessory options, and have a better warranty than the other in-water furniture options.

As far as I'm concerned they're the most stylish lounge chairs you can purchase for your pool. In fact, they're probably the most iconic pool chairs currently on the market with their distinctive contoured shape. The curves are soft, smooth and continuous from one end to the other which makes them very elegant and easy on the eyes. And without any visual interruptions like legs or additional supports, they have a very modern and contemporary look and feel that give them some serious curb appeal.

I've had multiple friends comment on the loungers and how cool they look before noticing any other aspect of the pool on numerous occasions at hotel pools, friends houses and even my parents new pool. It's consistently one of the first things they notice regardless of the type of pool they're sitting in and usually sounds something like: "ohhh, wow, look at those chairs" or "ah, those chairs are so cool." And rightfully so. The Ledge Loungers design is pretty unique in it of itself so I find that when you set a couple in the pool, people are pretty taken back by their unity with the water.

They're also one of the only chairs in my opinion that look better in the water than on the pool deck although they can be used for both. Most chairs weren't designed for pool use so they don't look the part but the loungers radiused design allows them to be partially submerged which make them look comfortable in the water. The design also closely resembles the outline of a wave which speaks more to the water than anything else and certainly more so compared to other chairs. And if you happen to be in the pool, it's actually hard not to want to at least try one out. They have a very inviting quality about them and don't usually stay empty for long.

Ledge Loungers are also very comfortable and give you a way better watery experience than most chairs. The curvatures hug the natural arches of your body and don't make you feel like you have bad posture when your sitting in one. And because their shape pretty much dictates your posture, it's difficult to sit in them any other way then they were intended.

The curves are also what allow you to be partially submerged in the water. The chair dips down in the waist and feet area so you can partly enjoy the water but keep the main parts of your body dry. It's actually a very pleasant feeling and the right ratio of wet to dry, I think. You don't want to be more wet than dry or else you'll just feel like you're in the pool and for that matter, you could just sit on your chest deep pool bench. Especially during the cooler months when its sunny and 75 but the waters a little chilly and you don't want to completely get in. But you also don't want to be completely dry either or you'd just feel like you were lounging on your deck and eventually get hot and start to sweat.

So with the Ledge Loungers you can enjoy the pool and the sun without too much of either and you'll be comfortably sound with a little of both. Chairs not intended to be in the water don't really give you any in-water experience or at least one that would be worthwhile. Depending on the height of the chair or depth of the water you'll either have to hang your legs off the sides of the chair to get them wet, end up with only a wet butt and back, or be mostly wet or mostly dry.

The best part about the Ledge Loungers furniture is not how it looks or even their durability, but the way they make you feel. "You can just lie back and relax, stream your fingers through the water and forget about the world."


Photo by Jimi Smith Photography

Ledge Loungers are made from ultra-strong, high-density #polyethylene making them #weather and #chemical #resistant to withstand the #sun, #water, #wind and #chemicals of the harsh outdoor #pool #environment. They're actually one of the few outdoor chairs that are designed to stay in your pool year round which is pretty impressive given the type of heat and UV we get in places with some of the largest pool markets like SoFla and SoCal.

Pool chemicals are also not very friendly to outdoor furniture so the chairs are made from the same material used to store Muriatic acid and other extremely harsh chemicals which is why the loungers can stay in the water without a problem. It actually took about two years of research to make the very first Ledge Lounger and the process they use to manufacture the chairs takes up to 2 hours to make a single chair. So it's not something that's just stamped hot off the press.

They're also made using color stabilized, high quality UV16 rated resin which means they can withstand 16,000 hours of direct, overhead, 90 degree sunlight. UV16 is the new standard for longer term protection in North America and really the most important factor in achieving long term outdoor performance. The only country in the world currently with a higher standard UV rating is Australia which requires UV32 rated products.

And while the weatherometer test used to determine a products UV rating don't yet allow accurate predictions of how a polymer will necessarily behave in the field, it does eliminate the variables associated with differences in climatic conditions and atmospheric pollution. They also accelerate the availability of performance results but even though the tests are accelerated, testing to UV20 standard (20,000 hours) for instance, will still take almost 2 years to complete.

Generally, 2,000 hours corresponds to 1 year in Florida, so 20,000 hours is approximately 10 years. And since they're tested in conditions that will rarely ever be the case in real world applications, you can get a better idea of how much longer the chairs are expected to last. And according to Ledge Loungers founder, Christopher Anderson, "it will more or less last a lifetime."

Additionally, Ledge Loungers uses special batches of UV16 rated color pigmented resin for their 11 color options that were specifically selected because of the naturally increased resistance to UV in their pigment. So in case you were wondering why their chairs are not available in your favorite color blue or orange, it's so they'll last longer. In fact, a Ledge Lounger shouldn't even really begin to fade for about 9 years and if it does, it should be very minimal.

Even the fabrics they use on their accessories like pillows and cushions are some of the highest quality outdoor fabrics you can buy. Ledge Loungers upholsters their fabrics with Sunbrellas marine grade canvas which is one of the most #expensive and highest #quality #outdoor #fabrics in the #world and my top pick for The Best Fabric For Your Pool and Outdoor Area. Sunbrella fabrics are #stain, #mildew, #fading, #UV, and #water resistant so they're perfect for the outdoor pool environment. The Sunbrella material repells water causing it to bead up and eventually dry out instead of penetrate the fabric and get absorbed and become damp. You've probably seen some cushions before that were still wet a day or two after some heavy rains because the fabric and cushions eventually started to absorb and hold water.

To be fair, if you were to take took a hose and held it over a fabric, eventually it would saturate the fabric and soak in some water. Even the highest quality water resistant fabrics can become waterlogged in extreme conditions if the water is absorbed into the cushion material and allowed to sit. And nobody wants to sit on damp cushions or constantly have to bring the cushions in and out based on weather conditions. So, since Ledge Loungers are intended to be in and around water, they use an open cell foam material for their pillows and cushions so if water does penetrate the Sumbrella fabric, the cushion itself won't absorb any of it. It's actually an EZ-Dri polyether-polyurethane foam that drys almost immediately after exposure to rain, salt spray, melting snow, morning dew, washing, or other forms of moisture and humidity. It has large, open pores that allow for maximum water drainage and air circulation, which means you can use them quickly after being wet or even saturated. It's definitely a necessary detail if you're going to sell an outdoor product made for pool use.

Especially considering Ledge Loungers are popular among residential and commercial accounts across the country like the #Raleigh and #Nautilus #Hotel in #South #Beach, the #Cosmopolitan in #Vegas and some #Sandals Resorts, to name a few. These hotels all display the Signature Chaise, Chaise Deep or Chair in their pool areas used by thousands of people per week. If these loungers can withstand commercial use on pool decks with little to no shade, baking in the sun and exposed to chemicals in the pool water, all day, everyday, being used by hundreds of people a day, it's probably safe to say they're worth their salt.


Ledge loungers are intended to hold water inside them so they don't float away, blow over or move once you've placed them on your sun shelf so you'll have to fill them up.

It's not really a big deal and only takes a couple minutes to do a pair but I've found it's much easier to do when you're in the pool.

If your ledge has up to 9 inches of water, go with the Signature Chaise. If you have a deeper ledge with 10 to 15 inches of water, opt for the Chaise Deep. They’re different sizes but both are equally as easy to set up. Simply submerge them into your pool to let them fill with water, then pull them onto the ledge.

Photo by The Cottages at Knightdale Station

Water depth is important because each of the in-pool products is designed for a specific water depth. If used in a depth outside of the recommended range, the product won't work as intended and you won't get the same experience. Making sure that you have the correct measurements of your pool’s water depth will ensure that the product you are interested in will work properly in your pool. If you’re placing the product in deeper water than recommended, fill it completely with sand, plug the holes and then place it in the desired position.

You'll need a flat head screwdriver to unscrew the two caps on the underside of the chair in order to fill them but you'll need to put them back so don't lose them. If you lose a cap you can email Ledge Loungers to order another or they say you can use a cork or 1.25” rubber plug that can be found at your local hardware store, in the meantime.

And although you don't really have to worry about scratching the pool surface or damaging the chair while moving them around because they're safe for all pool surfaces including vinyl, I'd still be cautious when dragging anything across your pool floor.

You also want to make sure you fill up the chairs all the way, down to the last air bubble if possible. If you don't the front of the chairs on