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The Best Magazine For Swimming Pool Design Inspiration

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Luxury Pools magazine showcases the best swimming pool designs from the nations top designers and builders.

If you're in the market for a swimming pool and want some inspiration

or you're in the design industry and want to stay up to date on the most current backyard environments as it pertains to swimming pools, you should subscribe to Luxury Pools + Outdoor Living Magazine. They're the only outdoor living magazine that specializes in luxury swimming pools and showcases the ultimate backyard poolscapes designed and built by industry elite.

They also have one of the most sought after industry design awards, the Pinnacle Award that's given to a select few swimming pool designs each year. So of all the industry awards offered by other companies like the FSPA and Pebbletech, Luxury Pools Pinnacle Award is the most prestigious.

Outdoor Living Showcase

Why you should trust me

I'm subscribed to basically every pool and spa magazine in the industry. I receive regular print media from magazines like Luxury Pools, Splash, Aquatics International, Ocean Home, Waterhsapes, Spa Retailer, Pool Pro, AQUA, PSN, and others and even pond related magazines like the Water Feature Sourcebook.

I'm also subscribed to the relevant email marketing so I receive regular emails of the magazines digital editions, news articles, and blog posts. I also work alongside, meet in person and take classes with a lot of the top designers and builders who are featured in Luxury Pools.

Why I like Luxury Pools Magazine

Magazines haven't gone out of style just yet and Luxury Pools is still very much relevant in the swimming pool industry. There are a lot of magazines out there tailored to the pool industry but if your'e looking for design inspiration there's really only one. In the words of The Best Luxury Swimming Pool Photographer, Jimi Smith, "Luxury Pools Magazine is the National Geographic of our industry; and who doesn't like picking up a Nat Geo at their doctors office and skimming through some cool animal photos while they wait. We've all done it... And Luxury Pools isn't much different.

The magazine is highly visual which makes sense since 65% of people are visual learners. It's largely comprised of professionally shot, high resolution images of some of the most recent, innovative and custom residential swimming pools from across the nation. It's currently the best and probably even the only regularly printed resource for discovering great design ideas from pools and spas to outdoor rooms and creative options for outdoor living spaces.

The only other printed resource tailored to residential pools is SPLASH's recent book, "Splash: The Art of the Swimming Pool." It's a coffee table book by Architecture and design photographer Tim Street-Porter and travel writer Annie Kelly that celebrates luxury swimming pools.


The book showcases over 200 unique and extravagant outdoor spaces from the Morrison-Strassner house in Palm Springs to oases in Mexico City, Beverly Hills, Bali and more. It also has backyards of celebrities like Cher and Diane Keaton as well as masterpieces from architects Frank Lloyd Wright and Richard Neutra. The book travels the globe and checks off a number of "trending" builds from inspiring infinity edges to cascading waterfalls. It's a great book to have for your home or office but offers pools from a different perspective and is likely a one time print.

Luxury pools on the other hand releases two magazines per year in the spring/summer and fall/winter. It's not only a great way to drool over quality swimming pool designs but it's also a great way to find quality builders in your area in case you're ever thinking of having your own pool built one day. So Luxury pools can show you, your dream pool and potentially provide someone to build it. And you won't find just any builder in this magazine either. Afterall, these aren't just any old pools...A feature in Luxury Pools Magazine doesn't come cheap and most designers/builders have to pay a hefty price for an annual spread. Needless to say the individuals featured in Luxury Pools are typically well established and reliable sources for swimming pools.

It's also somewhat of a prestige to say you've been featured in Luxury Pools. It's something most people market to their clients and on their websites or social platforms as "featured in Luxury Pools." I myself was mentioned as a Senior Design Associate as part of my previous position with an aquatic design firm in a couple issues. Maybe I'll have it framed :)

Luxury pools has more recently started to include "insider" articles as well that showcase quality outdoor products like ping pond tables, diving boards, fire pits and more. This is a great way for consumers to find quality products for their backyard in case they already have a pool or just wanting something fun to include on their patio.


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