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The Ultimate Umbrella Company

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Tuuci has been creating the most innovative, unique and stylish shade platforms in the industry for over 20 years.

If you want an #umbrella for your #pool or #patio that's both #rugged and #stylish, you need to get yourself a TUUCI Umbrella. They're the #coolest looking, highest quality umbrellas on the market and they're tested to wind speeds of up to 50 mph. They're also custom made, carry one of the most extensive warranties, utilize one of the best quality fabrics in the world, and hold 15 separate patents between their designs, fabrics and components.

TUUCI Umbrellas are also one of the most expensive umbrella options ranging from a couple hundred dollars to over $25,000.00 for a large pavilion structure. So if you're not looking for an architecturally inspired, meticulously engineered, sports car of an umbrella that can withstand Tropical Storm force winds, you might be better suited by

my top pick for The Best In-Water Umbrella For Most People. They're not nearly as stylish or diesel as the TUUCI Umbrellas and have less canopy options but they have the same 5 year warranty on the ribs, are tested to similar wind standards, and cost about a third of the price. They also have shorter lead times.

But if money happens to grow on the trees in your backyard and you want a smart umbrella to go with the rest of your smart home devices, you should help yourself to one of ShadeCrafts Sunflower umbrellas. They're solar powered, have Bluetooth, Wifi and Cellular capabilities, a high definition camera, voice activation, plays music, and has controllable lighting.

Shade Architecture.

Whether you shop online or make a trip to an outdoor furniture store, you'll most likely come across a similar type of patio umbrella. Sites and stores like #HomeDepot, #Walmart, #Costco, #Wayfair, #Overstock, and #Amazon all pretty much carry the same basic, everyday outdoor umbrella that usually has a brown mast, beige fabric, and looks like every other patio umbrella you've ever seen.

And while these types of umbrellas are hard to beat with prices starting around just $60.00, in my experience, when talking about outdoor products that really need to perform and stand up to the elements, especially in Florida, I've found that you usually get what you pay for. So most of these umbrellas don't typically last very long either. Their fabrics fade and tear, the coatings peel, parts wear easily and they're not much to look at. I'm personally not a huge fan but in case you're on a budget you can get a half decent, moderately priced umbrella from Costco for just under $200.00.

And despite being able to purchase an umbrella online for under $100.00, quality outdoor umbrellas can easily cost upwards of a couple thousand dollars. Outdoor furniture in general tends to be on the more expensive side so adding functional components for an umbrella doesn't exactly make things cheaper. But even at these price points, in my opinion, there's still not much differentiating a quality umbrella from a cheap one, other than cost. In fact, I'm not convinced most people would be able to pick a quality umbrella out of a crowd. And if I'm paying upwards of $1000.00 for a so called "quality umbrella" it better look like the "Ferrari" of umbrellas, play music like ShadeCrafts Sunflower umbrella or pour me a beer or something.

That's why I like TUUCI Umbrellas. It's immediately apparent that you're getting a quality product and you'd have a hard time not noticing one in a crowd. They're simply the best outdoor umbrellas money can buy. They look like a million bucks, they can withstand winds that would destroy most shade structures and they have a warranty to back it up.

To be fair, there are other quality outdoor furniture manufacturers that make great products. Companies like Pavilion Furniture, Walters, Tropitone and Janus et Cie all make quality outdoor furniture and umbrellas but they just don't produce the same aesthetics, quality, and durability found in one of TUUCIs' umbrellas.

Why you should trust me

I grew up servicing residential and commercial swimming pools so I've been in more backyards and hotel pool decks than most. I've worked at and leisured around 5 star hotels in Miami Beach and private residences in Hibiscus Island. I've even serviced college campus swimming pools like Barry Universities Pentafort Pool and city parks with water features like Heritage Park for the City of Sunny Isles that all have umbrellas, shade sails and shade structures.

I also grew up in Miami where hotel pool and beach parties are pretty popular. So I've seen countless residential and commercial umbrellas in pools, on pool decks, and at the beach. I'm a pretty avid boater as well. I've been on 55' to 88' Azimuts, 60' Vikings and Sundances', and 100' yachts that I don't even know the name of; all with luxury shade structures, canvases, platforms and umbrellas.

I've been to the Regional and International Pool show multiple times and I stay up to date on new products via email and magazine subscriptions, vendor office meetings and luncheons, and my own pool related social media presence on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

As a company, TUUCI also specializes solely in shade structures and their name is actually an acronym for The Ultimate Umbrella Company, Inc. They also have a global presence and their umbrellas are recognized around the world for their refined design and extreme function. In fact, about half their sales are international with a concentration in Europe, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, Asia and even have subsidiaries in the Netherlands and Vietnam.

Their umbrellas are so iconic, they can be found poolside at luxury hotels in Singapore, built into the patios of Hampton estates, planted on the decks of mega-yachts, or arrayed on sidewalks outside restaurants around the world like Starbucks, Potbelly Sandwich Shop, Smashburger, Green Street Café and California Pizza Kitchen. They're also standard across all 22 properties of the Sandals Beach Resorts and have umbrellas sold to Universal Studios, some Cruise lines, and hotel chains like The Ritz-Carlton.

They pretty much dominate the luxury umbrella market and are regarded as the industry leader among outdoor furniture professionals.

Award winning furniture designer, Richard Frinier said "the term umbrella is probably a shallow word for them (Tuuci). It's really a shade architecture, architectural structure, art object, or sculpture."

Linda Hein, Senior Vice President at The Parker Company, an international hospitality procurement company said “We do business all over the world and we use several outdoor furniture companies as suppliers. For high-style umbrellas and pavilions, they (Tuuci) are a leader in the field.”

Raul Santamaria, co-owner of Patio and Things said “We sell other brands as well, but TUUCI is the No. 1 seller in umbrellas. Their design, materials and workmanship are the best on the market and they have a warranty."

Stanley Bissainthe of Clima Outdoor, said “People want something that lasts, and TUUCI is our No. 1 in umbrella sales, both for cantilever and the classic pole-in-stand models. When customers are looking for outdoor umbrellas, they always go for TUUCI.”

Additionally, TUUCI utilizes Sunbrella fabric which provides such valuable protection from the sun, their company was awarded the International Seal of Recommendation for UV Fabric/Umbrellas/Awnings by the Skin Cancer Foundation in 2006.

TUUCI's also environmentally conscious with their manufacturing process so they make significant efforts to minimize their footprint, conserve energy and recycle all their plastics, aluminum, steel, paper and cardboard. They're also heavily involved in the community and support many environmental causes including The Coastal Conservation Association, The Sierra Club, The Friends of Biscayne Bay Association, The Miami Museum of Science, The Kampong Botanical Garden, David Fairchild Botanical Gardens and The Coral Gables Garden Club.

Why I chose TUUCI

TUUCI's architecturally inspired, custom shade platforms are the most iconic umbrellas in the industry. They're built to stand out and stand up to virtually any environment in the world and have distinct design and durability features not seen in other umbrellas.

They also hold numerous patents on their components making them some of the most innovative umbrellas on the market.

They've really taken shade structures to the next level. Most umbrellas just don't look like TUUCI umbrellas. They're plain Jane, run of the mill canopies that don't do much for me visually. But check out the image above and tell me that's not a super cool, sharp and sexy umbrella that you wouldn't want in your backyard. I'll wait... In fact, I think one of their strongest selling points is that they're designs are clearly well thought out and architecturally inspired; unlike most. There's a reason they're the most iconic umbrellas around and I imagine award winning furniture designers like Richard Frinier don't just hand out compliments on outdoor products either.

So it's no surprise why a TUUCI umbrella is easily one of the most distinguishable pieces of outdoor furniture you can put on your pool deck. As far as I'm concerned they're the most stylish umbrellas you can purchase for your pool. They have a very modern and contemporary look and feel but they also offer multiple design styles, canopy shapes, colors and finishes in case you have a specific taste. They also have about 12 different umbrella canopy styles that come in multiple sizes depending on the type of umbrella you're looking for. Most outdoor furniture manufacturers only have a handful of design styles and even ones that offer more, look somewhat similar to eachother. TUUCIs design options on the other hand are extremely distinct and offer a unique style not similar to the next.

Their designs have some serious curb appeal too. I've had multiple friends comment on the umbrellas and how cool they look before noticing any other aspect of a pool on numerous occasions at hotel pools, friends houses and even my parents new pool. It's consistently one of the first things they notice regardless of the type of pool they're sitting in and usually sounds something like: "ohhh, wow, what a cool umbrella."

TUUCI umbrellas are pretty popular among luxury hotel chains too. And being from Miami, they're at most of the iconic ones here like Fountainbleau, The Standard, and the 1 Hotel, to name a few. These hotels all rock TUUCI umbrellas on their pool decks and I don't think these venues could install just any old patio umbrella and expect them to look the part. Not to mention they probably wouldn't last very long.

And to show you just how powerful the design behind a TUUCI umbrella is, they do their photo shoots in some of the most beautiful yet harsh landscapes in the world. They travel to some of the most remote, harsh, and untouched landscapes across the globe like the middle of the desert or the top of a mountain to demonstrate just how awesome these umbrellas really are.

And after seeing these things stand out even in the most beautiful and awe-inspiring environments in the world, I have to agree, the term "umbrella" just doesn't do them any justice. They really are a work of art and I'm convinced that a typical outdoor umbrella wouldn't have this same type of affect. In fact, try placing a patio umbrella on the side of a mountain overlooking the ocean and see if it doesn't ruin the view. Not to mention, it'll probably turn inside out, blow over or break. So it takes some serious R&D to come up with something as elegant and tough that'll stand out and stand up in locals like that.


Tuuci Umbrellas are recognized around the world not only for their refined design but for their extreme function. They were originally designed for the marine industry which is one of the harshest environments around. Saltwater and sun will virtually degrade any material so if they can stand up to that, they can withstand virtually any environment. It's why their marketing strategy showcases these beautiful umbrellas in remote locations across the globe on tops of mountains and in the middle of deserts.

TUUCI umbrellas are manufactured from #Anodized #Aluminum and #Stainless #Steel, utilizing #polymer components that don't oxidize; which means they won't rust or corrode. This is especially important in the harsh pool environment. The canopy fabric also utilizes #breathable, #ballistic fibers saturated with UV-stable pigments that resists fading and tearing. And that's not all. The ribs are #reinforced at the joints, #self #lubricating and #corrosion #proof making them extremely durable. Tuuci Umbrellas also have a patented cam locking pulley system that includes a #rockclimbing-grade #nylon rope and a #titanium center hub. Talk about diesel.

As you can see, Tuuci umbrellas are meticulously engineered. They have to be to stand up to heavy winds. So they're also made to be extremely aerodynamic. In fact, they're actually tested in a state-of-the-art wind tunnel facility with turbines that blow gusts of wind that would embarrass any other umbrella. Check this out:

Tuuci umbrellas are tested to withstand 35-50 mph winds. To give you an idea, tropical storm force winds start at 39 mph. Some TUUCI models, built to Miami-Dade regulations implemented after Hurricane Andrew in 1992, can withstand gusts up to 75 mph and higher. Moreover, TUUCI is a real manufacturing plant that brings raw materials and basic parts to its Miami headquarters, and builds its products there. They design and build their own high-quality parts and materials for quality control which is just another testament to their level of quality and durability.

The only drawback of having a durable umbrella that looks this amazing, is that you want to leave it open all the time. But, like with any umbrella, its recommended that you fold it up and put it away when you're not using it. In fact, #Tuuci recommends you close them in winds exceeding 25 mph.

Why? Because Tuuci won't cover wind damage which means if your umbrella falls over and breaks a rib, you'll have to dish out the cash to have it repaired - And this has happened. Do yourself a favor and at least close it when you're done sippin' your margarita poolside. You can thank me later.

That said, wind damage is about the only thing Tuuci doesn't cover. They actually have a pretty extensive warranty. To give you an idea the Ocean Master Classic and Max collections come with a 15 year warranty on the mast and 5 years on the hub, ribs, and canopy. That's a hell of a warranty if you ask me. If you're interested you can check out their full warranty details here.

Who should buy this

I'll just start by saying Tuuci umbrellas are pretty pricey. I'll also add they're worth every penny. A swimming pool stainless steel flush mount, mast, extension sleeve and 8.5' square Ocean Master Zero Horizon Tuuci Umbrella will run you around $3,025.00. Don't hold me to that.

If you're interested in a Tuuci Umbrella you'll have to find a local distributor on their website. I recommend going to see one in person if you're unfamiliar with the product or send us a message and we can help facilitate and order.

If you're in the market to add some flare to your backyard and want something that's going to look great and last, Tuuci Umbrellas are the only way to go. Hands down, they're the best outdoor umbrellas you can buy. They look amazing, bring a sense of style to their surroundings and outperform any other umbrella on the market. This is the only umbrella I would spend my money on.


TUUCI is actually one of the most innovative umbrella companies known for their state of the art materials, processes and products. They have over 15 patents for their umbrellas like aluma-teak, armor-wall aluminum, controllable led lighting, and movable canopies. They also make cabanas, lounges, sculptures, hammocks and even shade structures for marine applications. Their parts are also 100% replaceable.

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