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The Best Swimming Pool Podcast

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Pool Chasers out of Scottsdale, Arizona offers the best overall listening experience for those interested in all things swimming pool.

If you're looking for an outlet to stay up to date on the state of the pool industry or soak up useful information about the different professionals and products from various sectors of the pool market, you should start listening to the Pool Chasers Podcast. They're the easiest to listen to, cover the widest range of topics, interview a diversified field of professionals and offer weekly episodes. They also use to own and operate a swimming pool service and repair company.

Stories and Experiences

The pool industry is slowly but surely making it's way into this Millennial era of #convenience, #efficiency, #wellness, and #information. Everyone from the top designers and builders to the service and repair techs are finding their way online via websites and social media platforms to stay up to date with the increasing digital trend.

Websites, Instagram profiles, Facebook groups, YouTube channels and even Podcasts are becoming more and more popular and there's also a ton of swimming pool apps and even smart water care companies like pHin that deliver chemicals to your doorstep.

Afterall, we're living in the digital age of information and convenience. Anything that can save us time, people are willing to pay more for. That's why companies like Uber and Instacart are so popular. They don't sell car rides or food, they sell convenience.

It's also why Podcasts are growing in popularity. Their format is uniquely situated to fit into our busy, everyday lives. It's information and entertainment at your fingertips. Plus, you can cover more ground listening to something on your commute to or from work instead of taking time out of your day to stop and read an article or watch a video. Podcasts also create a community of like-minded individuals who share the same interests.

But information in the pool industry can still be difficult to come by. Even the current educational entities in the industry offered by manufacturers or associations, tend to be sub-par in my opinion and it's nothing you can't already find online. And Genesis University, the best educational entity for aquatics, costs an arm and a leg and usually requires travelling to another state - although it's worth every penny. In fact, Pool Chasers was conceived after two brothers who owned and operated a pool service and repair company couldn't find the quality and useful information they were looking for.

So in an effort to conveniently reach more people and share the wealth of knowledge and information the pool industry has to offer, swimming pool podcasts like Pool Chasers are starting to pop up. But of the handful of podcasts currently active, most of them in my opinion, don't offer what a quality podcast should be. Most pool podcasts are run by people who have other full time jobs in the pool industry like a service tech. or builder. And while I can't knock anyone for elevating the industry by devoting their time to something as involved as a podcast, most of them also don't have great audio quality, have too short of air time or aren't entertaining enough to keep you listening or just have inconsistent air dates.

So if you're going to listen to a podcast, I think you should listen to one that's run by a company that's heavily invested.

Why you should trust me

I'm a Millennial so podcasts are right up my alley. I actually stay up to date with all the currently active podcasts in the industry worth listening to. I regularly listen to Pool Chasers, I've listened to all of the 16 episodes on the new Ask the Masters Podcast so far and I've followed along with some of the Chlorine King and The Pool Guys Show casts as well. I also listen to other podcasts like the Joe Rogan Experience and The GaryVee Audio Experience.

I stay up to date on all the the new trends in the industry through weekly email subscriptions, monthly magazine subscriptions, office meetings, luncheons with vendor reps, and my own pool related social media presence through LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

Pool Chasers is also the only current podcast that is solely a podcast; meaning this is their bread and butter and they don't have second jobs or side hustles distracting them. In fact, they quit their day jobs as pool service techs to pursue the Chasers podcast full time.

They've also gained some notoriety in the industry making it onto the cover of Pool Pro Magazine in August of 2018 as well as The Spa Retailer Podcast - although Spa Retailers episode was before Pool Chasers was born.

Why I chose Pool Chasers

In my opinion, the Pool Chasers Podcast is the best platform for most people looking for pool info. because they're easy to listen to, cover the widest range of topics, and offer consistent episodes and show times. They're also the only podcast that's fully devoted to their company and they even quit their day jobs to focus on Chasers full time.

They've managed to get some pretty heavy hitters on their show as well, like SWD Masters: David Penton, and Rick Chafey, along with two of the guys that started the best educational entity in the pool industry, Skip Phillips and Brian van Bower. They also had the founder of the iconic Ledge Lounger, Christopher Anderson on the show as well as Tracy Garcia, the director of the International Pool and Spa Expo. They also bring on people who aren't dedicated to the pool industry simply to discuss good business and marketing practices. So whether you're looking for how to grow your pool service company or follow in the footsteps of the industry experts or even listen to the stories of some of the most influential people in the history of modern swimming pools, they have a topic for you.

They also have an official site dedicated to the podcast, and are on all the major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter including the popular audio streaming platforms like Soundcloud, iTunes, Google play and Spotify.

They're the real deal as far as swimming pool podcasts go. They've dedicated 100% of their time to this company and even sold their pool service route to focus on Pool Chasers full time. That's pretty impressive if you ask me and it's something other podcasts don't do.

The other active podcasts in the industry that are worthwhile are run by individuals with "day jobs" meaning their podcasts aren't their full dedication or where they spend most of their time. For instance, the Pool Guy Podcast Show which is also my top pick for The Best Swimming Pool Mini Cast, is run by David Van Brunt, who is a pool service professional that also has a pool route, writes a blog, reviews products, has a pool coaching program, manages a couple websites, and also has the #1 YouTube channel for swimming pool and maintenance tips. He offers a plethora of useful information across his multiple platforms but he's a one man show so his series consists of mainly him reviewing products or offering service advice without a co-host or guest. His topics are also geared mainly towards pool service and in large his episodes are only about 7 minutes long.

On the other hand, the newest edition to the pool podcast world, Ask The Masters is operated by a group of industry elite or SWD Masters from the educational entity, Genesis, although Dave Penton does most of the episodes. Their series is an extension of the Genesis platform but the individuals involved like Paulo Benedetti and Grant Smith all have full time careers as designers and builders. And although they collectively have a wealth of knowledge that you literally can't find anywhere else, their episodes are much more in depth and might be too technical for most.

But Pool Chasers has also had a handful of the SWD Masters on their podcast so far, which is why I think they're better suited for most. They cover a broader demographic from the service side of the industry to products, designers and builders without delving too deep into any one specific topic. You get a little bit of everything without being bombarded by technical terms and you don't necessary need to understand colloidal silicates, hydraulics, ozone sanitation, or concrete science to keep up.


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