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The Tesla Cybertruck Gets A Swimming Pool Makeover

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

A Twitter user came up with the clever idea to put a pool in the back of the new Tesla Cybertruck and we love it

Twitter - Meckimac

If you haven't already seen or heard, Telsa Motors just released their new electric pick-up truck concept, the Tesla Cybertruck. It's an all-electric battery-powered off road vehicle that looks like something out of a Tron movie. It's actually so futuristic that Teslas been receiving a lot of mixed reviews about it.

It's definitely one of the most polarizing vehicles to ever be released with people either loving or hating it. Some think it's awesomely rugged and aggressive while others think it's absolutely ridiculous. Either way it's caught a lot of peoples attention including sites like Design Boom, Deezen, Gizmodo, and CNN. Tesla even managed to rack up 200,000 pre-orders for the Cybertruck in the first week so they must be doing something right.

But, they've also been receiving a lot of flak from companies like Lego who released this picture of a car made from a single plastic brick to mock the blocky Cybertruck after its launch.


In all honesty, it's kind of hilarious and there's actually been a number of awesome sarcastic concepts like this, taking a stab at the new Cybertruck and its bold look. But one of them stood out from the rest; at least to us. How about a swimming pool in the back of your Cybertruck? It is the future after all. So why can't I take my pool with me?

Twitter: Meckimac

The idea was proposed by a passionate Tesla driver, Jessica Meckmann or @Meckimac on Twitter, wondering if the truck bed/vault is waterproof. She goes on to say that moving the rear suspension up and down could create a wave pool and closing the lid would keep the heat inside, converting it into a steam bath and even suggested using the optional tent cover to make it a bit more spacious.

It seems she's thought of just about everything for a potential pool or spa in the back of her Cybertruck although I doubt this would be a standard option. Like all truck beds, I assume the Cybertruck drains any liquid so it doesn't accumulate standing water. But Jessica might actually be on to something here. Although this is just a fun way to let our imaginations roam free, a swimming pool in a truck bed is actually not a new idea; nor is it impossible.

In fact, it's easy than you think. Plenty of people have converted their truck bed into a small pool and there's even a company called Pick Up Pools that offers vinyls liners in standard truck bed sizes so you can easily convert your truck into a swimming pool. They're even available on Amazon...go figure.

Pick Up Pool

The Tesla Cybertruck is also made out of stainless steel so it's possible that aside from a few drain holes, the truck bed could be water tight. You may not even need a vinyl liner if it's possible to properly plug a few holes. So although it's definitely not intended to have a pool in the back, the Tesla Cybertruck bed might not be too difficult to convert into your own personal futuristic water haven.

I guess there's really only one way to find out...stay tuned, you might see us riding around in our new Cybertruck swimming pool in the near future!

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