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The Top Hydrotherapy Pools In College Football

The nations top college football programs spend tens of millions of dollars on state-of-the-art facilities for their athletes that have some hydrotherapy pools worth talking about.

When it comes to colleges football programs, Universities spare no expense. It's a constant competition to attract new students by increasingly offering lavish amenities.

In fact, according to the Chigao Tribune, In 2014, 48 schools spent $772 million combined on athletic facilities, an 89-percent increase from $408 million spent in 2004.

Universities spend tens of millions of dollars on state of the art facilities; especially for their student athletes. LSU spent $85 million on their new recreation center, Clemson spent $55 million on their "players theme park," the Oregon Ducks spent $65 million, the Texas A&M Auggies spent $20.8 million and by 2021, Tennessee's two-phase stadium renovation bill is going to run them a whopping $340 million. - That's a lot of dollar signs. If you want to see what some of these million dollar makeovers look like, check out 247 Sports for their 2019 ranking of the top college football facilities.

These fancy facilities also always include hydrotherapy pools for their athletes. After all, hydrotherapy has become instrumental in student athlete recovery. So these hot and cold watery recovery vessels get a modern makeover that's equally as impressive as the facilities themselves. Check out the top hydrotherapy pools in all of college football:

Texas A&M University


We all know "everything's bigger in Texas" so it's no surprise they spent $20.8 million on the renovation to their athletic facilities back in 2014. And despite it being a few years old now, the facility was still ranked the third best college facility by 247 Sports and they even reference how cool their hydrotherapy pools are, by saying "if you haven't seen the Aggies' hydrotherapy pool, it's worth a search." - No need though, we've got you covered.

ATM - 12thman

The ATM hydro pools have some serious swag. They're easily some of my favorite and by far some of the most lavish. The pools are surrounded by up-lit glass, LED lighting, eight LED TV screens and have about 16 therapy jet stations each. They look more like a futuristic luxury spa than an athletic facility and there's definitely no other college pools like these. Check out their campus pool in a Luxury Pools post.

The Ohio State


OSU's, Woody Hayes Athletic Center just got a $7.8 million makeover that includes a lot of steel and scarlet. It was ranked the 6th best college facility on 247 Sports and their locker rooms have some super stylish looking hydro pools.

The pools are fabricated out of stainless steel which gives them a serious state-of-the-art look compared to most. They also have some cool stainless steel handrails by S.R. Smith, LED TV's in front of each pool and multiple therapy jet stations. And aside from the hot and cold plunges, the OSU facility has a full size pool as well as a pool with a swim jet system.


This is definitely one of the more modern swimming pool applications in college athletics and a personal favorite.

University of Oregon


As always, when it comes to swag, the Oregon Ducks don't disappoint. They dropped $68 million in 2013 to renovate their facilities and they clearly spared no expense. And despite the facilities age, it's still ranked as the second best college facility by 247 Sports which is saying a lot.

Not to mention, they have the sickest hydrotherapy pools in all of college football if you ask me. Aside from the LED lights, TV's and water wall, their pools overflow on all sides. So the water is virtually at the same level as the floor. It's a super cool detail and something you don't typically see on these types of pools. But when you have the Nike king, Phil Knight to ensure top quality amenities, this is what you end up with.

University Of Oklahoma


Oklahoma's recently updated Barry Switzer Center is one of the coolest digs in the nation and definitely the creme of the crop in the Big 12. Their facility was ranked as the eighth best college facility by 247 Sports and their hydrotherapy pool has a 5 star luxury spa ambiance you'd expect from a luxury hotel on Miami Beach.

The therapy pools are actually full size compared to most so it's easy to forget it's also freezing cold. Plus, its a deck level perimeter overflow so the entire pool overflows into the grates. This is something you usually see on high end commercial pools or luxury residences but definitely one of the few in all of college sports.


The Sooners' recovery pool even has mood lighting, LED TV's and a waterfall to really give you a world class experience. The look and sound of the lights and water add to the luxury spa experience and will help athletes relax.

University Of Missouri


Mizzous $98 million Populous-designed South End Zone Facility didn't make 247 Sports

top 20 facilities but they've still got some of the more impressive therapy pools.

They have state-of-the-art training and recovery amenities including a hydrotherapy area, recovery pools, HydroWorx and lap pools.


One of the pools even has a freestanding bank of LED TV's in the center completely surrounded by water so you can swim or sit around. Then you just have to figure out which TV to watch.


The pools are also all tile, have stainless steel handrails and drains so you know they're first class.

West Virginia


West Virginias not on 247 Sports top 20 either but the University spent $4.7 million renovating their Milan Puskar Center which included one of the better hydrotherapy rooms in the Big 12. It's got two, 27 foot pools and a spa that seats 10.

The pools are custom tiled, have underwater seating, LED color changing lights, stainless steel handrails and of course a TV.


They also have a 30 foot long water wall with up-lit LED lighting for a cool water effect. Most of the therapy pools in college football don't have a separate water feature and the ones that do, are minimal like a small cascade but the Mountaineers have a full blown water wall which is pretty cool.

University of Iowa


The Hawkeyes, Richard O. Jacobson Football Operations Building was renovated in 2014 and has a therapy pool setup with some added functional features

They've got a 25 yard lap pool with two swim lanes, varying depths of 3'-6", 4'-10", 6'-4" and an underwater treadmill. It's probably one of the most functional therapy pools in college football with a wide range of uses. It's also one of the few perimeter overflow pools similar to Oregons and Oklahomas. This is definitely a detail reserved for the upper echelon of therapy pools.

They've also got two hydrotherapy pools for a hot and cold plunge.

Clemson University


The Clemson Tigers officially have the best facility in the NCAA according to 247 Sports after their $55 million face lift. They also received some serious national exposure and unlike most therapy pools in college football, Clemson has a total of five pools.

They might not look the coolest or have any extra bells and whistles but with five separate therapy pools, they offer one of the most versatile therapy rooms in all of college football.

The main lap pool even has a handicap ramp which is something you don't typically see in these types of pools. The Tigers also have a hot and cold plunge, and two additional therapy pools with a swim jet system and underwater treadmill. And of course, there's a couple of TV's on the wall.

Sometimes the glits and glamour aren't as important as true functionality. The rest of their facility is definitely worth checking out too. You can check out the complete Tigers facility on Business Insider.

Pennsylvania State University


Penn States Mildred and Louis Lasch Building has been one of the finest football training facilities in the country since its debut in 2000. And although they didn't make 247 Sports top 20, their recent renovations in 2016 still gave them some therapy pool street cred.

They've got two lap pools and a plunge pool with therapy jets that sit next to, two TV's and some cool linear lighting displays.


They're hardly the most futuristic or decked out therapy pools compared to some others but still worth the mention.

University of Alabama


The Crimson Tide only spent $9 million on their renovation in 2013 but they've still got the 4th best college facility according to 247 sports. They also have two of the largest hydrotherapy pools compared to most.


The therapy pools are fairly straight forward but they have benches on both sides of the pool and you can probably fit a full offense or defense in one. They also have four waterfalls, and a big screen TV. The pools are actually on either side of the main entry way to the room which also makes for a pretty cool walkway.

Michigan State University


The therapy pools at the Sports Medicine and Performance Center at Michigan State University aren't much to look at by themselves but they sit in a pretty cool glass area and offer a complete range of therapy uses.

They also have a couple TV's but overall these pools don't compare much to the rest. Their therapy pools are definitely more functional than anything else but they offer a pool that most universities may not.


The Spartans offer a full compliment of Hydroworks pools that includes an underwater treadmill pool. That's right, they have a pool with a floor that moves like a treadmill and can be set at different depths. It's a pretty sweet feature to have and one you definitely don't see every day.

Louisiana State University


LSU just dropped a $28 milli to renovate their entire facility and expand their gym this past year. It was ranked the 10th best college facility by 247 Sports and like any good athletic facility, it's got a hot and cold plunge that looks the part.

The pools were built by Russell Pool Company and each has two dozen hydrotherapy jets, purple LED lighting to match the schools colors and a pair of S.R. Smith Artisan hand rails. They're pretty straight forward and get the job done but with an all tile finish, LED lighting, stainless steel handrails and an array of therapy jets, they're definitely a first class pair of pools.


@JBIV0000 and @thisisbruiser were the first to try out the new hydrotherapy pools in the Broussard Athletic Training Room before the room was complete. They still seem to approve.

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