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The Deepest Swimming Pool In The World

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

The Y-40 Deep Joy in Italy holds the record for the the deepest swimming pool in the world at 137 feet but not for much longer.

The Y-40 Deep Joy as it's known is currently the deepest indoor swimming pool in the world. It literally holds the Guinness World Record as the deepest pool in the world with a depth of 137 ft. 9.54 in. at its deepest point. That's the height of a 14 story building, the length of three school buses, or taller than Brazil's Christ the Redeemer Statue.

It's definitely not your local watering hole and it generated a lot of buzz by media outlets like CNN Travel, Travel Insider, Tech Insider, and Daily Mail.

Check out this video by Tech Insider to see what it's like to dive beneath the surface of the deepest pool in the world.

The pool is located at Hotel Terme Millepini, in Italy. It's pretty impressive considering most pools nowadays are built between 6 and 8 feet deep and include more sun shelves, umbrellas and lounge chairs than they do deep ends and diving boards. But the Y-40 is designed for something totally different. The facility was designed by Italian Architect Emanuele Boaretto for dive training, leisure diving and scientific research.

Y-40 Deep Joy

On the surface the pool actually looks like your everyday indoor swimming pool. You wouldn't know just by looking at it that it's the deepest pool in the world. It looks like your standard commercial pool at 69 feet long by 59 feet wide. But once you dive in, it'll blow your mind.

Y-40 Deep Joy

The Y-40 is really a labyrinth of spaces designed for different underwater swimming, diving and viewing activities. The pool features various depths for divers of all levels and some cool interactive features. It has four artificial underwater caves that simulate what you might run into in the ocean, a cylindrical area with extreme depths for experiences divers looking to push their limits, various ledges, underwater glass viewing panels for spectators and even a 43 foot transparent tunnel for visitors who don't want to get wet.

Y-40 Deep Joy

Y-40 Deep Joy

The Y-40 also offers free diving experiences, scuba diving, submarine escape training and a summer scuba camp. They even have an app that gives you an interactive 3D map so you can digitally prep for your dives.

Every once in a while they spice things up and throw a temporary installation in the pool like a car or motorcycle for divers to play with. Like this car from the fifties...

Or this scaffold for underwater construction...

The Y-40 is also used as a training location for many athletes, including Italy’s synchronised swimming team, the fencing team and international swimmers.

Even world renowned divers and performers like Ilaria Molinari and Julie Gautier come to train. Giovanni Boaretto says they are all coming to work on their mental (rather than physical) training in the water. That's because the pool is filled with over a million gallons of natural, thermally heated water. (1,135,939 US gallons to be exact) It comes from a thermal well so it doesn't require any sanitation or chemicals and it naturally stays at 90F degrees so you don't need a wet suit either.

Check out this amazing interpretive video by Julie Gautier in the Y-40:

The Y-40 Deep joy also allows visitors another, more active, way to experience the healing properties of the water through diving. The original source of the water is the uncontaminated basins of the Lessini mountains, at the foothills of the Alps, more than 50 miles away. The journey through the calcareous rock, at a depth of 6,560-9,840ft, can take more than 25 years. During this time the water is held at high pressures and temperatures, so when it finally emerges it is enriched with mineral salts, famous for their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

Additionally the Euganean thermal mud, which is excavated from the thermal lake in the national park where Hotel Terme Millepini is located, is even more effective. It has a patented ingredient and provides the basis for the hotels signature spa services. In fact, in 2013, the mud received a European licence for its efficacy in treating arthritis, arthrosis and traumas.


Believe it or not this pool only took 1 year to construct but it was an idea that Boaretto had for over 30 years. Check out the interview with Emanuele Boaretto on how this pool came to be.

Nemo 33 - Brussels, Belgium - 113 ft.

The Y-40 Deep Joy is definitely a pool you don't see everyday but it isn't the only one; nor was it the first. Actually, the Nemo 33 in Brussels, Belgium was the worlds first deepest pool until the Y-40's completion in 2014. The Nemo 33 held the title for a decade from 2004 to 2014 until it was dethroned. And while the Nemo 33 may no longer be the deepest pool in the world, its still 113 feet deep and offers some pretty cool underwater exhibits.

Like "The Pearl," its underwater "restaurant" that can fit up to four people. You can only get to it with scuba gear and they serve you food and champagne all under water. Check out the video below to see what dining in an underwater sphere in one of the deepest pools in the world is like.

Nemo 33

They also have an underwater art exhibit. Seriously, world renowned free diver and photographer, Fred Buyle has an exhibition of his work hanging on the walls of the Nemo 33 completely underwater. Check it out:

Like the Y-40, Nemo 33 has viewing windows and underwater "caves" although they don't use rock-like structures. Afterall, the nemo was the first of its kind. But they are still both fairly similar and they only have a 24 foot difference in depth. But like the Nemo 33, the Y-40s reign as the worlds deepest swimming pool will soon be at an end.

Deepspot - Mszczonow, Poland - 148 ft.

Come the end of 2019, Polands new pool, Deepspot will be the new deepest swimming pool on the planet with a depth of 148 feet. That's around half the size of the Statue Of Liberty if you remove its pedestal.

It also looks like it's going to incorporate the best features from both its predecessors. Like the Nemo 33, Deepspot will have its own version of "the pearl" for underwater dining and similar to the Y-40, it will have its own underwater bridge.



Deepspot isn't just a pool, though—it will be a full-on destination, built to accommodate underground restaurants, hotel rooms, and conference spaces, most with windows that look directly into the pool, so you can see all the action.

Check out the beginnings of the construction process for Deepspot:

Blue Abyss - Colchester - 160 ft.

The Blue Abyss

It seems diving pools with extreme depths are becoming more popular and although the Nemo 33, Y-40 and Deepspot will be the only ones of their kinds for now, a different style, deeper pool is also already underway. So Deepspot won't be the deepest pool for very long after it's built. In fact, it looks like it may only hold the record for 6 months until the Blue Abyss is completed. And although technically the Blue Abyss is designed for something completely different, it will still be deeper at 160 feet deep.

The Blue Abyss is going to be the worlds largest and deepest indoor training pool. It will provide a state-of-the-art training facility designed to be the world’s most comprehensive commercial aquatic and space training, research and development center. Check out this article from Dive Magazine and the video below:

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