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The Worlds Most Recognizable Infinity Pool

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Villa Honeggs infinity pool in Switzerland is so popular they no longer need to pay for advertising.

Is that not one of the most beautiful views from a swimming pool you've ever seen? Well, the internet seems to think so. In fact, chances are, you've actually seen this swimming pool before. So what the hell am I even doing writing about it...seriously, sometimes I don't know why I bother. But whether you've seen it before or not, you're looking at the worlds most recognizable infinity pool.

It's so popular it's been featured on publications like Forbes and Business Insider but where it's most recognized is on social. The pool is actually so popular on Instagram, the hotel no longer has to pay for advertising. Seriously, Villa Honeggs Boutique Hotel in the Swiss Alps has a swimming pool that's so Instagram famous that they haven't had to pay for advertising since 2011.

"Social media is our advertising," general manager Sebastian Klink told Forbes. "We haven't had paid media since our renovation in 2011."

That's crazy! But the proof is in the pudding. The hashtag #villahonegg alone, results in over 22,000 posts on Instagram. And even though other popular hotels with killer infinity pools like the worlds highest infinity pool, Marina Bay Sands, whos hashtags result in over a million posts, don't show nearly the amount of images of the actual swimming pool. Literally almost every single photo of the Villa Honegg hashtag is a picture of the pool.

And believe it or not, some people make a trip to this world renowned swimming pool just for the Gram...because, you know... Millennials. But seriously, general manager Klink said "many visitors come for only one night because they really just want to take a picture with the pool."...go figure.

Villa Honegg

But with a view like that, I'm not surprised. So people flock from all over the world to take a dip in this pool and snag a sweet photo. The recent inflow of bookings was actually a result of another social media platform, Youtube. According to Klink, the hotel first blew up on social media when a Brazilian blogger posted a video on YouTube of the pool at night — and it went viral. "When this video went live online we saw that emails were coming in from around the world," Klink told Forbes. He said that the spa was always popular, but the video prompted an influx of bookings from guests from Australia, the United States and Korea.

Here's the video that started it all. (there's a much better one at the bottom of this post)

But it's a true testament to the power of social media when people will travel across the globe to capture a moment on a scale that provides mass marketing.

So what's all the hype about?

Villa Honegg

There's no doubt that the pool at Villa Honegg is pretty amazing but what really sets it apart from other swimming pools? At the end of the day, it's just another infinity pool with a view, right? And there are hundreds of pools like this all over the world. For instance, The Perivolas Infinity Pool in Santorini, Greece sits atop a cliff with a spectacular view overlooking the Aegean sea:

Perivolas Hotel

The Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool in Singapore, spans across three skyscrapers overlooking the busy city:

Marina Bay Sands

The private Infinity pools at the Yao Noi Resort in Thailand are on the side of a cliff with super cool views of the Phang Nga Bay:

Yao Noi Resort

And the Infinity pool at Hotel Caruso on the Amalfi Coast in Italy has amazing views overlooking the Mediterranean Sea:

Belmond Hotel Caruso

And while each of these pools and others like it are equally as impressive in their own ways, I believe they lack Villa Honeggs particular set of characteristics that make their pool that much more distinguishable. Afterall, it's not called the "Stariway to Heaven" pool for nothing. First off, Villa Honegg sits 3000 feet above see level in the Swiss Alps.

(This actually puts it nearly three times as high as the worlds highest pool in the world, the Marina Bay Sands Skypark Pool, that's only 1000 feet up. But Villa Honeggs pool doesn't hold the title for worlds highest pool because it sits on the ground. Although it technically resides higher in the sky, it' sits on the side of a mountain and only a couple feet off the ground. And the worlds highest pool is measured by how high off the floor it is.)

So the view of the mountains is pretty easily spotted along with Lake Lucerne at the bottom of the valley. But aside from the obviously breathtaking view, the most distinguishable thing about Villa Honeggs pool is probably the stainless steel. The visual qualities of the metal at Villa Honeggs swimming pool, coupled with the astonishing view, might be why this pool is so easily recognizable and so highly shareable. Steel has naturally reflective qualities that amplify the natural light during the day and the artificial lighting at night. Basically, the pool is really shiny with two totally different affects during the day and night. It's an extremely unique experience that you can't get from a tile, stone or aggregate finish. Villa Honeggs swimming pool is one of the few in such a beautiful local with this type of pool surface.

Villa Honegg

But stainless steel pools are actually not as uncommon as you might think. In fact, most pools or spas that sit above the first floor of a house or building are usually made out of steel rather than concrete. They just typically get finished in tile or stone to mask the steel structure. Bare steel however, is a bit more rare on residential properties and in some areas, no longer allowed on commercial properties. For instance, since January, 2017 in Florida you're no longer allowed to leave stainless steel unfinished in commercial swimming pool applications. A manufacturer previously used a lesser grade 304L steel instead of 316L which caused the metal to darken in color than commercially acceptable. So in some instances, Villa Honeggs stainless steel swimming pool is more exclusive than most simply because it's left unfinished. I imagine if the pool were done in a tile or stone material, it wouldn't be as iconic as it is today.

Villa Honegg

The pool is also heated to 93F degrees year round which basically makes it a huge spa. Plus, you can see the steam coming off the surface of the water which gives it a dramatic effect.

Not to mention the complete panoramic view of the mountains from indoors and out. Most pools with these types of views face out toward the landscape in a single direction. They sometimes also rest between two building or structures which doesn't make for the best peripheral. But Villa Honeggs pool offers another unique experience in that the swimming pool wraps around the corner of the hotel and offers a truly uninterrupted, panoramic view of the mountains.

Villa Honegg

It's also one of the few pools to have different seasons. When you think of a swimming pool with an amazing view, you probably think of something on the side of a mountain, on an island overlooking the open ocean in a hot local. And truly, some of the most amazing views from swimming pools are overlooking the ocean in a warm climate. But unlike most, Villa Honeggs pool receives both winter and summer conditions, both equally as beautiful but two completely different views and experiences. So depending on the time of year, you'll either be looking at lush greenery or snow capped mountains.

Villa Honegg also has an indoor pool that's pretty much connected to the outdoor one. It too has panoramic views with windows surrounding the entire pool and even a counter-current swimming system and some underwater speakers so you can relax and listen to music.

So Villa Honeggs swimming pool has some pretty exclusive features that give it a leg up on similar pools. The infinity edge, polished steel surface, unobstructed panoramic views of the Swiss Alps and Lake Lucerne, seasonal weather, radiant steam from the surface and 3000 foot elevation make this pool the worlds most recognizable infinity pool.

The hotel itself was also designed by London and Prague based firm, Jesticowhiles and has already received numerous awards and even been designated a HIDEAWAY HOTEL by the renowned travel magazine for its sense of devotion and heartfelt hospitality. It also received Trip Advisors Certificate of Excellence with a 5 star rating from 729 reviews. So, swimming pool aside, the hotel is worth a visit but if you're going to stay a night at Villa Honegg, taking a dip in their world famous swimming pool is not optional. It's a given.

Here's one of the better videos on YouTube of what you can expect from a world renowned swimming pool:

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