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World Famous DJ, Steve Aoki, Has One Of The Deepest Pools In Nevada

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Steve Aoki built one of the deepest swimming pools in Nevada so you can dive into it from his balcony 25' in the air.

Steve Aoki knows how to have some fun. He's a self-professed adrenaline junkie known for his energy and enthusiasm on stage; Not to mention, caking people in the face. So it's no surprise that he refers to his house in Las Vegas as his "play house." And rightfully so; he's got everything from an indoor foam pit to a mini half pipe out by the pool.

Architectural Digest

Steves swimming pool isn't too shabby either. It's got some expensive design features like an elevated spa that overflows on all sides, a shallow lounging area and an underwater coping around the lower pool which puts the water at the same level as the deck and overflows on all sides. He's also got an elevated pool area that has a diving board, vanishing edge and even his signature logo tiled into the floor.

Architectural Digest

But for the most part, it just looks like a really nice pool. There's nothing noticeably special about it other than the fact that it's Steve Aokis pool or that it happens to be one of the deepest pools in Nevada. But he doesn't call it his "Aoki Play House" for nothing.

So, in pure Aoki fashion, he made the elevated portion of the pool, 16 feet deep so he can "Aoki Jump" into it from his balcony 25 feet in the air! That's just f-ing awesome. You can literally jump into Steve Aokis swimming pool from 2-storeys up and it's such a thrill that it's become something of an online sensation.

Steve regularly has friends over like Shaun White, Dan Bilzerian, Nate Robinson, Lil Jon, and Scott Disick, doing jumps, flips, cannonballs, dives and even "Aoki Jumps" into his pool. Pretty much anyone who visits Aokis Play House is taking a dive into the deep end. It's all over social media too. It's not hard to find someone jumping off Steves roof on Instagram. Everybody's doing it. In fact, it's so popular that it was even televised on Animal Planet as part of the Tanked series when Aoki was having his fish tank installed.

Check it out:

You definitely don't see that everyday and as you can imagine, there aren't many pools that were designed to have this kind of "big kid" feature.

But you might also be thinking, hey I've jumped off the roof into a pool before." - I know I have. So you might also be surprised to know that Steves pool was specifically designed to jump into from 25' up. That's why the pool is so deep. In fact, when Steve bought the house in 2013, he renovated the entire thing including the existing swimming pool. He had it moved closer to the house and made it much much deeper to make jumping into it, much safer. He also had his signature logo tiled into the bottom of it because, you know...He's f-ing Steve Aoki.

But his face also doubles somewhat as a target when people are jumping off the balcony. It's something to aim for, for those not as comfortable taking a 25 foot leap of faith. The deep portion of the pool that's intended for diving into also has some key functional features that display some design thought for the purpose of jumping into. For instance, it has a standard coping edge unlike the lower main pool which has an architectural and artistic, overflowing edge condition. It's also elevated with a portion of it spilling into the lower pool via a vanishing edge.

Architectural Digest

The standard coping condition keeps most of the water in the pool and the vanishing edge allows most of the surge from a cannonball, to flow over the edge and into the lower pool instead of just making huge waves in the pool. This keeps the majority of the water inside the entire pool rather than splashing everywhere. If they continued the the artistic underwater coping condition into the "jump zone" like the rest of the pool, the amount of water loss from splashing would be ridiculous. So it's actually a very well thought out design that keeps most to all of the water inside the pool instead of on the pool deck.

Also, having a 16 foot deep residential pool in your backyard is almost unheard of nowadays. Most modern day pools are around 5'-6" deep maximum. One, because swimming pools are used differently today than they were even 15-20 years ago and two, because more complications arise from digging deeper. Pools have become more social than functional and you'll see more shallow lounging areas with chairs and umbrellas than you will diving boards. Digging deeper into the soil is also a more difficult task dealing with water tables and soil conditions.

In this case, Aokis contractor, Nutone Construction actually expressed some initial reservations about hitting a rock layer as they continued to dig deeper into the soil. And had there been some serious rock below the surface, the pool may not have ended up as deep as Aoki wanted. Luckily, this wasn't the case and the result, according to the contractor, is the deepest pool in Nevada.

Ledge Loungers

Steve also has an eye for design. After all, he is an artist. In fact, he's got an art collection that consists of some Banksy that's easily worth millions of dollars. But one of his more recent installs to his pool and outdoor area are his custom designed Affinity Sunbeds by Ledge Loungers who make The Best In-Water Pool Furniture money can buy.

I'm not currently allowed to show any other photos but here's a shot of Aoki enjoying his new poolside sunbed with backrest. He's also got a couple of Ledge Loungers Signature Chaises in his shallow lounging area that have custom embroidered shades.

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